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  1. I believe that Signature Tower is still a feasible project, but certainly has some hurdles to overcome. My question and task to the Giarratana Development team is, Are you willing to do what it takes to make this succeed? The sales center does need to improve, the marketing effort has been lackluster IMO, and emailing your distribution list an unedited version of the Fox News interview is just rather silly. I want this project to get built, because I share all of Tony's optimism and enthusiasm about Nashville. I believe in the future of this city. Just GET IT DONE!!!
  2. Give me a break. Don't be that cliche "I always knew it wouldn't happen" person. It is/was no secret that Signature Tower is extremely ambitious, and Tony's going to bust his tail to make it a reality. If it doesn't happen, we'll all know why of course. Real estate is not rocket science.
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