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  1. Fairfield is going to have 3 train stations, maybe Bport could get a second. Dinardo is about as dirty as they come though:
  2. This project is going to be great for North Haven. Project Website
  3. http://bristolnews.blogspot.com/ A little more info on this blog.
  4. www.courant.com/news/local/hc-brichoo0315.artmar15,0,4079434.story
  5. I heard that construction is about to get started on this project:
  6. Washington Park Video A nice video about the rehabilitation of Washington Park in Bridgeport. For those that don't know the area it used to full of vacant houses, drug dealers, and prostitutes. They cleaned it up and brought in affordable housing. I was there last week, it looks great. Of course you are only a block or two away from blight, but it is a big first step.
  7. General Electric purchased $25 million in taxable bonds that will provide low-cost financing for an unnamed project downtown. The city is collecting proposals. Fabrizi mentioned downtown north which is an area that really needs some help. Hopefully they are going to do something with the section of boarded up buildings close to Route 8 on Main Street. Urban Green Builders has applied to build an 18-story apartment tower and renovate two historic buildings on Main and Golden Hill Street a few blocks from the train station. If the project happens it will be the tallest building in Bport.
  8. In New Haven there is a proposal for a $175 million mixed-use development that would put a 27-story residential tower on a 1.5-acre lot at the corner of Chapel and State Streets, two blocks east of the New Haven Green. It would be across the street from the State Street train station.
  9. www.nytimes.com/2007/08/01/realestate/commercial/01bridge.html?ref=business Another article in the New York Times about development in Bridgeport. They mention that the Pequonnock site is going to be developed by the Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund. That is the 11 acre site next to Harbor Yard Arena south of downtown. They are planning a mix of residential, retail, a movie theater, and a hotel. They also mention how there are still boarded up buildings on the downtown section of Main Street. Especially the area before you pass route 8, once you pass route 8 going towards St. Vins it gets a
  10. Turbana, the fourth largest importer of bananas in the nation, will be leaving Bridgeport next year. They claim increased costs are forcing them to move out of Connecticut(probably to Philly but they haven't said officially). They use a refrigerated warehouse and increasing electricity costs are really going to hurt them. It is also believed that they plan on using larger ships which would make operating in the sound more difficult. The dredging of the harbour won't be completed for five more years. Some more good blue collar jobs down the drain.
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