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  1. Fairfield is going to have 3 train stations, maybe Bport could get a second. Dinardo is about as dirty as they come though:
  2. This project is going to be great for North Haven. Project Website
  3. http://bristolnews.blogspot.com/ A little more info on this blog.
  4. www.courant.com/news/local/hc-brichoo0315.artmar15,0,4079434.story
  5. I heard that construction is about to get started on this project:
  6. Washington Park Video A nice video about the rehabilitation of Washington Park in Bridgeport. For those that don't know the area it used to full of vacant houses, drug dealers, and prostitutes. They cleaned it up and brought in affordable housing. I was there last week, it looks great. Of course you are only a block or two away from blight, but it is a big first step.
  7. General Electric purchased $25 million in taxable bonds that will provide low-cost financing for an unnamed project downtown. The city is collecting proposals. Fabrizi mentioned downtown north which is an area that really needs some help. Hopefully they are going to do something with the section of boarded up buildings close to Route 8 on Main Street. Urban Green Builders has applied to build an 18-story apartment tower and renovate two historic buildings on Main and Golden Hill Street a few blocks from the train station. If the project happens it will be the tallest building in Bport. This is the same company currently working on the Citytrust and Arcade buildings.
  8. In New Haven there is a proposal for a $175 million mixed-use development that would put a 27-story residential tower on a 1.5-acre lot at the corner of Chapel and State Streets, two blocks east of the New Haven Green. It would be across the street from the State Street train station.
  9. www.nytimes.com/2007/08/01/realestate/commercial/01bridge.html?ref=business Another article in the New York Times about development in Bridgeport. They mention that the Pequonnock site is going to be developed by the Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund. That is the 11 acre site next to Harbor Yard Arena south of downtown. They are planning a mix of residential, retail, a movie theater, and a hotel. They also mention how there are still boarded up buildings on the downtown section of Main Street. Especially the area before you pass route 8, once you pass route 8 going towards St. Vins it gets a lot better. A reminder that Bport has a long way to go. I found this to be interesting:
  10. Turbana, the fourth largest importer of bananas in the nation, will be leaving Bridgeport next year. They claim increased costs are forcing them to move out of Connecticut(probably to Philly but they haven't said officially). They use a refrigerated warehouse and increasing electricity costs are really going to hurt them. It is also believed that they plan on using larger ships which would make operating in the sound more difficult. The dredging of the harbour won't be completed for five more years. Some more good blue collar jobs down the drain.
  11. Westport property management recently released their plans for the old Remington plant site on the South End. It is impressive. They want to build over 1200 units of housing. They plan to build five towers and fill in the rest of the space with townhouses. The site is next to the water, residents would have great views of the sound. It is also next to Seaside Park and UB. Fabrizi is out, he isn't going to run again so we have to wait and see what knucklehead they get to replace him. Hopefully the city won't do anything to screw up this project. And I also read recently that they are coming along with the Bijou Square project downtown. Two Boots Roadhouse is going to open there next month. I did a quick search online and I found some bands are already booked to play there. When I originally heard that they were trying to get Two Boots from New York to open up in Bport I thought that is a great idea but in the end it won't happen. I am very happy to be wrong. The Hartman brothers, the owners, have deep ties to the art scene in NYC. They also own Mo Pitkens House of Satisfaction which is a cabaret/restaurant. They book all kinds of bands from indie rock to salsa to burlesque, so this can potentially be a big plus for the entertainment scene downtown. Keep an eye on this place, it is going to change a lot of people's perception of downtown. It is next to Murphy's Law which is already the bar to pregame for hockey/baseball games. Further west on Fairfield Avenue there are a few college bars so I
  12. There is a lot of development going on, most of it aimed at young professionals priced out of the Fairfield county market. Many have discovered the neighborhoods that border Fairfield like Black Rock and Brooklawn but the most exciting changes are happening downtown and on the southside. The Southside is a unique area because it is an urban environment with easy access to transit(train, ferry, and bus station) yet it is on the water next to the beautiful Seaside Park(designed by Franklin Law Olmsted). There are many problems to overcome. There is a lot of blight that needs to be cleaned up. The Marina Village housing project is in that area. And you need to pass under I-95 to travel from downtown to the Southside. They are thinking about creating a bus that runs directly from the train station to Seaside Park linking up the arena, Community College, University of Bridgeport, and housing. And the University of Bridgeport is there with a large, international student body and I think they have some type of shuttle bus for their students. In that area developers are converting the old Warnaco factory into lofts, some of the buildings are finished and sold out already. www.loftsonlafayette.com It also looks like they are going to turn the old Remington shaver factory into a condo development as well. That site is next to the park and would have views of the Sound. In downtown they are renovating the city trust building, Bijou Square, and the arcade hotel. The new bus station is being constructed, I noticed they are building a walkway from the train platform to the bus station. I am waiting to hear news about the proposed high speed ferry to Stamford and lower Manhattan. The NY Times article mentions that the city just needs one more parcel for the Steel Point project. I
  13. I found a presentation with a lot of photos. There is a lot of junk so skip through to page 30 and start there. You will find a lot of aerial photos and plans for possible transit oriented developments in the future. Please note it is from 2003 so it probably has changed somewhat since then. It appears that this thing will be built next to the railroad tracks not over them. You can also see that each stop has a passing lane so the express bus can pass the local bus that is picking up passengers. www.cssboston.com/projects/buswaytod/presentations/oct03/October2003OpenHouseSlideShow.pdf The stop at Sigourney Street looks like it will be walking distance to Aetna. So in the future when the New Haven to Springfield commuter train is working Aetna employees will be able to commute to Hartford on the train and then transfer to the bus and be one stop away from their office. It looks like Walmart would be walking distance to the Flatbush stop. Anybody familiar with this area? They mention possible retail developments in that area so it could become a commercial area one day. They also mention Central CT State University is considering expanding their campus which would be next to the Cedar Street stop. Do you think the areas near these planned stops will be developed?
  14. I agree with everyone that light rail would be better for many reasons, but I also believe something is better than nothing. What I don't understand is the bias that so many people have against riding the bus? When I was working in Hartford I rode a commuter bus into downtown. I didn't have the stress of driving, I could read or take a nap, I didn't have to worry about parking, it was the best option for me. Would it have been better for me and the forty other people that used that bus to have each driven our own car into Hartford everyday further clogging the highway? CTman wrote, "train=quiet and relaxing bus=dirty and noisy" and that is not always the case. I currently live in New York and I use the subway everyday, I wouldn't describe the F train from Queens to Manhattan as quiet and relaxing during the morning rush hour. But, it doesn't matter because it gets me to work quickly and easily. Once again I agree that a train is the best option, but hopefully the design of this busway will enable people to get to work quicker so they will be inclined to use mass transit. There are only eleven stops so it won't be like a city bus that screeches to a halt every two blocks and I believe they are planning on having express limited stop service as well. Does anybody know more specifics about the actual plan, how are they going to handle road crossings? Inside of Hartford is this thing going to be running on city streets or along a rail bed?
  15. This is the forum about Hartford Connecticut so I'm not going to discuss BRT in other cities with you. If you have an agenda against BRT that is fine, I would be interested in knowing why and what would be the better alternative for Connecticut. Every question I asked in my original post was related to the Hartford area. I would like to know everyones opinion. They are scheduled to start construction in 2008 yet hardly anyone is discussing it.
  16. I would like to know your opinion about the proposed busway between New Britain and Hartford. Rapid bus transit has been succesful in other cities, Los Angeles for example but do you think it will be a success in CT? Here is a link to an article published in the Waterbury Republican, it is about the possibility of commuter busses running from Waterbury into the busway and ultimatly to Hartford. The article also mentions how private bus companies want access to the busway. www.rep-am.com/story.php?id=16784 The proposed stations in Hartford are: Union Station, Sigourney Street, Park Street, and New Park Avenue. Do you think that this will spur development in these areas?
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