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  1. Downtown Norfolk will be soon linked to richmond. A Amtrak train will be stopping at Harbor Park in 3 years!!!! Downtown norfolk to Richmond
  2. On the Noforlk.gov site, it shows the Downtown Norfolk 2020 Pattern book. It show new rendering and different prespective points of building that is also be built. It also mention the Wells Fargo Center at being 27 stories, and the Westin Hotel as being 31 stories. Has the numbers change or is this incorrect??? Downtown 2020 Pattern Book
  3. Looks like the main anchor for the Portsmouth "Gateway development in Midtown" would be a Target. Hopefully its a super target. They are calling for this thing to be open in March 2010. So we should be seeing some construction soon.. hopefully.
  4. Fort norfolk, Get its funding. Project will start early summer. Also there is a new rendering. Fort Norfolk Plaza
  5. Construction on the convention hotel, which is likely to be a Westin, will begin later this year. Thakkar and Desai said the project has grown in scope and will rise between 24 and 26 stories, compared to the planned 16, which will make it one of the taller buildings in the area. Thakkar and Desai said it will be topped off with eight or 10 condominiums. "All of them will be presold," Thakkar said, who added that it's likely family members will purchase most of them. This is awesome news! Sorry for making new thread topic, this should go under the Norfolk Hilton Thread, but I was excited. Way to go LTD Company. TWO westins in this Market, now that shows that we are deseirable Norfolk Westin!? *** I hope this is not a Pilot Typo. They have been having those lately***
  6. kjice2

    Granby Tower

    I go to Tcc, downtown, so all this crane action and truck UNLOADING was witnessed. But Honestly I do not know what is really going on. Who knows, till they tell us. But I agree with you, I really dont know my grandfather choose the Granby Tower. He just moved from NYC, and he said the Main thing that caught his eye is that, this is the only grandest building that he has ever seen, all the amenties and what not. He told me, he did not choose The Westin because its smack in the mid of No where. Meaning that Vabeach towncenter is New and developing, with no History. While Norfolk is already matured and closes thing to Manhattan (all in his words). So he has a condo on one of the higher floors, (forgot which one he said). I also mention to him, that why would he choose a building that is having major issues. He said he believe it would get build, because Norfolk would not allow something so grand slip away. Which I agree. I honestly think that some one, will help Gaddams with this project. Local people will help the Granby Tower Move Up. (thats only my assumption) To me the Biggest question is... Why are there people working on this site, if it was Financial Issues? I think there is under the table stuff going on. Either the city is doing something, or Private Investors. Who knows, Norfolk is a very SECRETIVE city.
  7. kjice2

    Granby Tower

    This project maybe was alittle gloomy but never is doomed until It is offical said! My grandfather moved from NYC, and has now signed a contract with the Granby Tower, he was in the talks with them for like 3 months now.
  8. kjice2

    Granby Tower

    Its been a while since anyone wrote something up here. My granddad Just signed a contract with Granby Tower last week, So its looks like there still signing. Its been about 3 weeks since any movement was at the Granby Tower site. Just glad to see something today. Couple cranes moving stuff, bulldozer digging stuff, trucks loading stuff to the lot. NOW JUST COME ON! BUILD IT ALREADY.. Time will tell..... But everyone patience is running thin. So I hope sometime in Feb they will announce something.
  9. Hello everyone! I do not know if this was previously posted. It is regarding the I C Norcom lot. Well the project I believe will be name "Gateway" It is a pretty massive project, not only does it include the old Norcom lot, but other lots surrounding the New IHOP . So Its pretty large. GATEWAY There is no renderings out yet, but a layout. I hope this project becomes a major focus for Portsmouth. Best of luck Ptown!
  10. kjice2

    Granby Tower

    OK, you know what, I am going to leave this alone for now. I am tired of getting highs and lows about this project. Here is some what a good but same thing we been hearing for years article. MORE CRANES LEAVING THE SITE!!!! but they sill deliver piles to the site?
  11. kjice2

    Granby Tower

    Ok , they have delivered a butt load of piles to the site. ! and a green thing, i take it as to be a generator?
  12. kjice2

    Granby Tower

    I still think Granby tower is a go(well for at least now). There has been too much activity on the lot for nothing to be proceeding. They are not out there playing with the dirt. I mean, something is going down, and it look like the project has gain some hope. My only thing is that they start building this tower than get the 12th floor, and say we ran out of money. That would be the most hilarious thing ever. But any way, some one has to be paying all those guys be out there. Maybe they received money from other local investors or something. I dont know, just saying things. But It looks like things are a go, but looks can be deceiving! Go NORFOLK. Can't wait to get out of NY and come home.
  13. kjice2

    Granby Tower

    I completely agree with you vdogg.
  14. kjice2

    Granby Tower

    I spoke with Joann today, which is the sales manager for Granby Tower. She informed me that, there would be a closing on the loan with in two weeks, and they are now planning another activity to celebrate the sign off of the loan. The tower is 45% full also. She also said that, there was a descion about a week ago, to allow site work to continue, with pile driving actually starting in a week or so. Like I said before, I have high hopes now for this project, because it seems things are now falling into place. There has not been this much activity on this site since September. (A DAY FULL OF MOVEMENT). I will be exciting to see all the construction going on around that area. The new hotel, and the soon to be light rail. Lets hope for the best, and ..... hope this thread would become a progress thread instead of stalled.
  15. kjice2

    Granby Tower

    In my opinion I believe Granby Tower would be built. Lately for the past couple of weeks I been watching the web cam. There has been a constant activity on the site. Today, there has been trucks rolling in out, and hard hats everywhere. So, some what I am now hopeful for this proj ect.
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