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  1. Have they broken ground yet? Does this mean things are getting underway?
  2. The Wealthy Market has started to carry a selection of groceries.
  3. Does any one know what the story is with Benton Harbor and the emergency manager and how all this relates to the proposed golf course/country club there?
  4. They seem to have expanded it this year. It used to only be in the large greenhouse, but it is in the side rooms this year as well. Pretty cool.
  5. I wonder how many people from across Michigan, or even out of state come to see this. It seems like a pretty unique event.
  6. Did anyone go see the butterflies at the Meijer Gardens this year?
  7. I understand the budget to essentially cut spending almost across the board, eliminate the business tax, and eliminate earned income tax credit and tax pensions to make up for the elimination of the business tax. Not a very nuanced understanding, but there's some broad strokes.
  8. I am in there quite a bit. I will ask next time I stop in.
  9. Any idea what Siciliano's is going to do with the space? More homebrew stuff, or expand their other retail?
  10. I was ready to be angry with the hype machine, but I was wrong.
  11. I was wondering because I have seen a lot of people relocating here, and one person wanted a short term rental while they looked for a house to buy. I was just hoping that I wasn't the only one experiencing this.
  12. Can someone tell me how G.R. is doing as far as it's housing inventory. I have a suspicion that sales are picking up and we might be shrinking that a little.
  13. Even if they did use it, something like this would probably spur more density.
  14. I would love to see a high speed rail line to Chicago, or even the big lake for a day trip. I bet that it would get a lot of people, a trip to chi-town in less time than you could drive, or even fly. Then branch out from there.
  15. I think if it happens again the logistics will be worked out differently. Maybe a single roped off line with more relaxing and eating space away from the soups. I am pretty sure the WSBA's net take was around $1,400. Not bad.
  16. Anyone go to the soup tasting on Wealthy? I was taken aback at the amounts of people. Good times.
  17. There will be a soup tasting fundraiser for the Wealthy Street Business Alliance on Saturday from 6-10 p.m. It is at 1015 Wealthy St. S.E. (The Electric Cheetah). $10 at the door gets you samples of soup from 15 to 20 local businesses, bread from the Wealthy Bakery, beer and wine. You will also be asked to vote for the best soup. Hope to see you there.
  18. I don't see enough parking to have it be a public thing.
  19. I think the crazy guy at Kendall was more obnoxious than anything. People would have to be fairly sensitive to let that one keep them from downtown.
  20. After watching the inauguration at the Wealthy Theater we stopped at Brick Road Pizza for lunch and it was packed. We kept saying that it had only been a hour and Obama had already turned the economy around.
  21. It would surprise me if they didn't at least do some type of cost analysis. You don't get rich by wasting money.
  22. I think far too few people check the rules before they make their signs/make exterior alterations. It isn't always best to act first and ask forgiveness later.
  23. That looks like an old photo, I don't live too far away and the car in the driveway is one we traded about two years ago.
  24. Does anyone know about the little store on Diamond just south of Fulton, where there used to be an antique shop? Looks like a little specialty/ethnic grocery.
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