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  1. Oy. News flash Miami isnt Atlanta. All of dade county is pretty ethnic in that it is very integrated and diverse. Kendall for example is a suburb with a high concentration of hispanic people but its not an "ethnic" nieghborhood in fact it looks no diffrent from any suburb anywhere else. There are very few "enclaves." Additionally the line "close to Miami" makes it seem as if they didnt live in Miami. Like I said there arnt any exurbs here so they lived in a "ethnic" area I can assure you. That said there area isnt really modeled after what Miami really is, its more Boca Ratonish than anything else. Not an accurate depiction in the slightest. Golden Girls isnt Miami any more than Matlock is Atlanta
  2. Im going to have to disgree . Most of my friends belive that Orlando is more cosmopolitan and big city-ish than either Tampa or Jax. So much so that the other day they were talkign about the big cities in florida they complete left off Tampa. I corrected them and explained to them that Tampa was the second largest metro but they did not know that
  3. Mica was on the Colbert Report last night on the Get to know a congressional district.
  4. With all this great transit oriented development does anyone from the bay area feel left behind? Just curious.
  5. I hate to put a dash on the happiness but i have a bone to pick. Not with Orlando forumers,Im happy for them, but with Miami local government. How is it Central Florida got 200 million for a train just by asking and Miami Dade cant get any money for its already built train. CONGRATS TO ORLANDO THOUGH
  6. I disagree slightly. A permenant self imposed half penny tax strictly for tranist is indeed something to show for it.
  7. I dont think the 2009 date is set in stone. Heres why. How much is the area going to invest in commuter rail? Have they finished doing any preliminary ridership analysis? Environmental impact studies? Have they purchased right of way? These "details" delay these things. Why else would the metrorail,an existing sytem with local funding, take until 2014 to be complete where as the Orlando line be estimated at 2009. I think that 2009 date is somewhat ambitious and not likely.
  8. And i applaud your memory as to that Princess Bride quote.
  9. I've modified this thread to discuss the state of Intercity Rail in Florida. --monsoon Is the Florida High Speed Rail System dead?
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