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  1. GIRLY i've noticed that you always have something negative to say about CLT. No southpark mall isn't the best mall in the USA but it's promoting well and is an upcoming top 15 upscale malls.NEXT question " How many upscale stores do the city you live in, have?There are many stores in the area that are upscale and carry highend clothing and footwear that are not in the mall so again I think you haven't been around the whole city of CLT.I'm from NY as you know and I know upscale shopping when I see it .As far as NM goes yes they are opening a smaller store in SP but they are hard to get in any m
  2. I'm from NY and the statement about everyone from NY moves to RAL over CLT,that's BS. Most people I know from NY have chosen CLT already and there's more to come. In NY you hardly here about RAL like you hear about CLT. If you think RAL is more diverse than CLT you are sadly mistaken, check the census reports. AS far as comparing diversity CLT was one of the most diverse in the south.Yes I agree that RAL is more laid back than CLT but that's because they are on two different levels and anyone would be crazy to keep putting CLT down as if it came second to RAL and that is a bunch of bull. I hav
  3. I recently spoke to one of my friend's who is one of the marketing manager at SAKS in Manhattan about the SAKS at TTC and its not a level 1 SAKS ITS LIKE level 3 (which was very obvious when i visited),which means that the merchandise that they sell there is alot older and more reasonable .......just like the Bloomingdales in ATL.....personally SAKS is just a old name to me just like most other retailers but I would take neiman marcus over them anyday and NM is a tough market to catch...there are SAKS expanding everywhere and that says something ...but NM has no plans on opening no more stor
  4. Raleigh has a Saks Fifth Avenue and Charlotte has the Saks off Fifth which is the same company but more of an outlet store.
  5. IMO North Carolina doesn't need IKEA....4 what....It's already the major destination for furniture with having the furniture convention in High Point( i'm not sure if that's what you call it..lol...) but I don't understand the big deal about it.
  6. Thanks monsoon and hello Appatone ! I moved to Charlotte last year around september and I have enjoyed my stay thus far and this city really surprised me since the last time I visited but it's a good thing and I have about 6 other friends and family who are moving to this area this year so i'm really excited about that . I 've always had family here though and so I took a new job that had a good salary and packed up and now i'm here....I Speak highly of this city to all my friends up north and who knows it might be more than that moving here soon , they are all excited to visit the area and
  7. I just wanted to say first and foremost, " hello room", why is eveybody still syaing that Charlotte metro pop. is still 1.5 million because its not its much higher... check emporis...thats where everyone is using alot of their facts about buildings and metro populations, why can't Charlotte.......im from NY and I like it here, so we need to correct people everytime they continue to put Charlotte further back in the category of other cities that are not on the same page and population......THANKS I REALLY ENJOY THIS FORUM!!!!
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