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  1. Not sure if this is the best place to post this.... Video at the end of the article.... pretty neat http://blogs.orlandoweekly.com/bloggytown/vintage-1962-winter-park-video-released-vault/
  2. Look how many 7-11's are on opposite sides of the road, either across the street or side by side lol
  3. per the article.... Sun Rail is light rail????
  4. I know this one is a little far out there, but this one is going up at the NE corner of Orange Ave and Town Center Blvd.
  5. rich305


  6. Its like 7-11 but with a deli like counter in the center, where you can order fresh made hoagies, fruit smoothies, frozen coffee beverages sides and soups, depending on the day; there are touch screen computers where you place your order, then wait for your food to be made. To one side there are several varieties of coffee and prepared sandwiches and salads; on the other side of the store is the snacks and other convenience store items, a walk in beer cooler and the registers. Daily menu: http://www.wawa.com/WawaWeb/Menu.aspx?m=1&s=5113 Here is a rendering, however it has the left side of the store cut off; the side illustrated is the coffee area. The deli counter is the focal point of the stores.
  7. DPAC gets $10 million gift from Dr. Phillips Charities http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2013/03/29/dpac-gets-10-million-gift-from-dr.html?ana=twt
  8. On my way to the gym the other day I noticed that the shopping plaza between the Olive Garden and Herndon is now fenced off ...i couldn't take a pic since i was driving down Colonial at the time but here is the plaza im talking about from google maps https://cbks2.google.com/cbk?output=thumbnail&cb_client=maps_sv&thumb=2&thumbfov=60&ll=28.553493,-81.338086&yaw=348.0&thumbpegman=1&w=300&h=118 Yesterday I went down Herndon and noticed the fence runs down that road and wraps around the old Toys R Us building so im guessing these buildings are coming down soon.
  9. While Im not totally against tolls for new lanes, i think $13 is too high... at that cost it becomes a situation where those can afford it get an easier drive and for those of you that cant, well sorry about your luck, you get to sit in traffic. Another case of haves vs have nots. And as far as Miami is concerned, from what it looks like their tolls arent as high as this for example, say i head south at 8 i pay 4.25 and head back north at 6 i pay $3.50-$4
  10. State unveils changes to come with I-4 widening http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/state-unveils-changes-come-i-4-widening/nWgf9/ $13 round trip from Longwood to downtown during peak time via the express lanes? Kinda steep =(
  11. Some recent pics from the UCF housing website of the Northview apartments being constructed on the north side of McCulloch Road... didn't know that they were this far along till my coworker metioned it. http://www.housing.ucf.edu/construction/northview/
  12. Actually they have started remodeling some of their stores inside and out; the ones with the freshly prepared food and the wine and cheese stewards are what they call transformational stores and there are only 3 in Central Florida: 951 State Road 434 W. Longwood, Fla 7800 U.S. 17/92 S. Fern Park, Fla and I think the 3rd one is in Apopka across from the new Panera http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20120215005781/en/Winn-Dixie-Unveils-Fresh-Shopping-Experiences-Central-Florida From the atricle: New store entrance with outdoor market Expanded produce department featuring a wide selection of the season’s freshest fruits and vegetables Expanded deli department with wood-burning rotisserie, carving station serving freshly roasted meats, and custom sandwich and sub shop Hot food selections, including fresh, made-to-order pastas, barbecue, fried chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, and wing bar serving seven flavors of chicken wings Expanded selection of specialty desserts, pastries and made-to-order cakes in the bakery, along with loaves of warm, freshly baked bread 11 different freshly made compound salads, including spinach antipasti, curried cous cous, and green apple rocky road Most of them have a distinct (as compared to the older ones) stone and glass facade They are actually really nice and a major improvement over the older stores. Here is a photo album with about 26 pics from the Plantation, Fl remodel.... its pretty representative of what they look like when they are remodeled: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=225529854243887&set=a.225529804243892.55318.100989143364626&type=3&theater
  13. rich305


    Thanks for posting this!! I was wondering yesterday if there was an organization like this in Central Florida.
  14. And the parking garage for AVII http://www.pgal.com/portfolio/university-of-central-florida-academic-village-par/
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