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  1. Not sure if this is the best place to post this.... Video at the end of the article.... pretty neat http://blogs.orlandoweekly.com/bloggytown/vintage-1962-winter-park-video-released-vault/
  2. rich305


  3. DPAC gets $10 million gift from Dr. Phillips Charities http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2013/03/29/dpac-gets-10-million-gift-from-dr.html?ana=twt
  4. On my way to the gym the other day I noticed that the shopping plaza between the Olive Garden and Herndon is now fenced off ...i couldn't take a pic since i was driving down Colonial at the time but here is the plaza im talking about from google maps https://cbks2.google.com/cbk?output=thumbnail&cb_client=maps_sv&thumb=2&thumbfov=60&ll=28.553493,-81.338086&yaw=348.0&thumbpegman=1&w=300&h=118 Yesterday I went down Herndon and noticed the fence runs down that road and wraps around the old Toys R Us building so im guessing these buildings are coming down soon.
  5. While Im not totally against tolls for new lanes, i think $13 is too high... at that cost it becomes a situation where those can afford it get an easier drive and for those of you that cant, well sorry about your luck, you get to sit in traffic. Another case of haves vs have nots. And as far as Miami is concerned, from what it looks like their tolls arent as high as this for example, say i head south at 8 i pay 4.25 and head back north at 6 i pay $3.50-$4
  6. State unveils changes to come with I-4 widening http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/state-unveils-changes-come-i-4-widening/nWgf9/ $13 round trip from Longwood to downtown during peak time via the express lanes? Kinda steep =(
  7. Some recent pics from the UCF housing website of the Northview apartments being constructed on the north side of McCulloch Road... didn't know that they were this far along till my coworker metioned it. http://www.housing.ucf.edu/construction/northview/
  8. rich305


    Thanks for posting this!! I was wondering yesterday if there was an organization like this in Central Florida.
  9. And the parking garage for AVII http://www.pgal.com/portfolio/university-of-central-florida-academic-village-par/
  10. Faith Arts Village Picks Winning ADLab Team's Redesign A design by a team of UCF students caught the eyes of judges at last weekend’s competition to select a proposal for turning an old Orlando motel into an arts village. http://today.ucf.edu...teams-redesign/
  11. Construction on the new 408 / 417 interchange...... It is not easy to try to get pics at highway speeds but here you go..
  12. I am so sick of hearing the "It will create much needed jobs" argument when trying to get sprawl approved. Can't anyone see through that argument. People need to look around and see all the stalled developments just siting there stagnant.... maybe with one or two houses slowly going up. If there is such a pent up demand, why aren't those developments booming? Or how about reviving some of the downtown projects that died off? Ughhh the insanity!!
  13. Whoa! Stay away from our money lol. But you are right on. I knew this was going to be the case. These states giving up their federal money are just handing it to some more forward looking state who is all too willing to accept it/ go after it. Congrats for electing a governor who can look to the future. Too bad we in Florida didn't.
  14. It is the Medical City. The bottom pic is Nemours... you can compare it with the webcam pics here. The top pic would be the VA.
  15. I must have missed something because I never seen this Baker Barrios Does anyone know anything about it?
  16. The map on Lake Nona's Website shows Lake Nona Blvd being extetended through the town center and UCF and running west to Boggy Creek. I dont know when they will start on it though.... maybe once Orange County starts widening Boggy Creek?
  17. The World Design Center is going to be on the Beachline and JYP on the land of the former Agere plant, not in Lake Nona. http://orlando.bizjournals.com/orlando/stories/2007/02/19/story1.html
  18. There will be a road connecting Narcoossee Rd to the town center and medical city, between the high school and the new middle school being built. One of the first things they did before starting construction on UCF was line the route with large oak trees. You can see the road in this map. Its kind of annoying but if you play with it, you can see the road in the plans.
  19. rich305


    Here is a link I found to the Nemours construction camera if anyone was interested: http://oxblue.com/pro/open/nemours/childrenshosp
  20. rich305


    Praise The Lord!!! Sentate Passes Sunrail 27-10
  21. Are we building the venues for the tourists or for the residents? Besides, I thought the TDT taxes have to go to the city's CRA.
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