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  1. On my way to the gym the other day I noticed that the shopping plaza between the Olive Garden and Herndon is now fenced off ...i couldn't take a pic since i was driving down Colonial at the time but here is the plaza im talking about from google maps




    Yesterday I went down Herndon and noticed the fence runs down that road and wraps around the old Toys R Us building so im guessing these buildings are coming down soon.



  2. While Im not totally against tolls for new lanes, i think $13 is too high... at that cost it becomes a situation where those can afford it get an easier drive and for those of you that cant, well sorry about your luck, you get to sit in traffic. Another case of haves vs have nots. And as far as Miami is concerned, from what it looks like their tolls arent as high as this


    for example, say i head south at 8 i pay 4.25 and head back north at 6 i pay $3.50-$4



  3. Anywho, while I hate the idea of toll lanes on I-4, I do believe that the $13 fee might inspire some folks to consider riding a train.


    This entire I-4 project is coming online just in time to help SunRail, which will offer an alternative to the traffic congestion that is bound to take place during construction.


    That's what Im hoping for too.

  4. Thanks for posting this!! I was wondering yesterday if there was an organization like this in Central Florida.


    The amazing people at the Zebra House Coalition have finally opened the doors to their impressive new home at 911 N Mills Ave.  They provide short term housing and support to homeless LGBT youth.  



  5. The RV/mobile home park across from the super-walmart on 50 in the UCF area may be getting replaced... relatively low density cottage style student housing, they said "There is a decent amount of supply coming to market, but most has been urban infill product. We think having a different shade of product with our cottages should allow us to stand up well in the face of new competition." 221 units, 900 beds, 44 acres

    May be similiar in style to this other project they've built


    Also in the UCF area, the new greek houses and academic villages are on there way: http://www.housing.u...n/greekhousing/


    And the parking garage for AVII



  6. Check this out - the Park Davis Motel (Owned by the church there) is off the market and looking to retrofit under the ownership of the Church.

    Looks pretty cool and could take care of an eyesoar on Colonial and Irma Ave.

    Faith Arts Village


    Faith Arts Village Picks Winning ADLab Team's Redesign

    A design by a team of UCF students caught the eyes of judges at last weekend’s competition to select a proposal for turning an old Orlando motel into an arts village.



  7. I am so sick of hearing the "It will create much needed jobs" argument when trying to get sprawl approved. Can't anyone see through that argument. People need to look around and see all the stalled developments just siting there stagnant.... maybe with one or two houses slowly going up. If there is such a pent up demand, why aren't those developments booming? Or how about reviving some of the downtown projects that died off? Ughhh the insanity!!

  8. I know I shouldn't do this but I can't resist. Sorry, but I think we should go after Wisconsin and Ohio's rejected high speed rail money too if Illinois and NY are going to try to get some of it. Also if Florida, or Iowa reject it we should go after it. Hell, we should try to get the money that was going to go to the tunnel in NJ that Christie scrapped. I'm so glad we have a Governor and Governor Elect who have long term vision and will not kill our high speed rail project. I'm not knocking Foley though, because I think he said he supported the project too but jeez, some of these guys are pretty dense.

    Chicago Tribune


    Illinois transportation officials say they'll take the $810 million in federal high-speed rail funds that Wisconsin Gov.-elect Scott Walker has said he'll reject.

    Walker made opposing a Milwaukee-Madison rail project a key part of his successful campaign against his Democratic opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett who supported it.

    Illinois has received $1.2 billion in high-speed rail funding. Transportation Secretary Gary Hannig says the state could make improvements to the Chicago-St. Louis corridor with Wisconsin's money.

    And it could be used to build stations in Joliet and Rockford.

    But Illinois isn't the only state that wants Wisconsin's money.

    New York Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo has expressed interest too.

    :stop: Whoa! Stay away from our money lol. But you are right on. I knew this was going to be the case. These states giving up their federal money are just handing it to some more forward looking state who is all too willing to accept it/ go after it. Congrats for electing a governor who can look to the future. Too bad we in Florida didn't.

  9. The map on Lake Nona's Website shows Lake Nona Blvd being extetended through the town center and UCF and running west to Boggy Creek. I dont know when they will start on it though.... maybe once Orange County starts widening Boggy Creek?

  10. There will be a road connecting Narcoossee Rd to the town center and medical city, between the high school and the new middle school being built. One of the first things they did before starting construction on UCF was line the route with large oak trees. You can see the road in this map. Its kind of annoying but if you play with it, you can see the road in the plans.

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