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  1. I would rather maintain the street wall than bulldoze these buildings for a green band-aid. Demolition of mainstreet buildings should only be done when construction is imminent and not sort of in the air.
  2. pompusmaximus


    Maybe I'm not aware of all the details, but why is everybody so excited over this thing? To me, it just looks like a bunch of cubes that will probably look like crap in the next 20 years. I'm not against iconic buildings, but this just isn't that amazing to me. At 6 to 7 stories as some had speculated, I figure it would be kind of an eyesore more than anything else. Perhaps I should withhold my judgement until after more detailed renderings appear.
  3. pompusmaximus

    Signature Tower

    After watching that video, this Tony G guy sounds pretty cool. He seems to have embraced density and good urban design principles; which is quite hard to find in Southern land developers.
  4. pompusmaximus

    Downtown Developments (North of Calhoun)

    Nope, it is quite a distance from the Ashley River Tower facility. The exact spot is on Bee St. precisely halfway between President st. and Ashley Ave. If you look on virtual earth you will see a cleared dirt lot. As of right now, just the steel frame of the building has been erected. However, you can see the steel frame driving over the ashley river bridge. I'm sure it's part of MUSC expansion but I have no clue which building it is.
  5. pompusmaximus

    Downtown Developments (North of Calhoun)

    I love the sound of that. Making a grand entrance to a city is something local governments have neglected in the past 100 years. Anyway, I was curious if anybody knew what was being built by MUSC. It looks to be a 6 or 7 story building. I don't have a pic but you can see it rise from the ashley river bridge. The structure is about a block over from Cannon St.
  6. pompusmaximus

    Signature Tower

    If someone is willing to take on the task, we should have a timeline of the progression of this project from conception to current status. It would include announcements, delays, public support/backlash, etc. I think this way we can have everyone examine the timeline and come to their own conclusion as to what will happen. Another post of the tower rendering wouldn't hurt either.
  7. pompusmaximus

    Midtown Charleston

    More midtown coverage http://www.charleston.net/news/2008/feb/19..._unveiled31081/
  8. pompusmaximus

    Signature Tower

    Agreed, falling glass is definitely a serious risk. Hopefully people are smart enough not to walk around freely in the open while a tornado annihilates downtown Nashville. Inside a skyscraper the wind would pass through the building once the glass has blown out, so make sure you’re in the hallway and not in the cubicle with the nice view. Shatter resistant glass ameliorates some of the risk, but not all of course. In general, I think this structure would look pretty magnificent for Nashville’s skyline; albeit the height may be a tad too much. I think an aesthetically pleasing crown for Nashville’s skyline that’s only 2/3 occupied would be better than no crown at all. - Moderator's note: A tad too snarky remark had to be removed from this post. Lets watch what we say to not offend anyone, even if we are jesting. -
  9. pompusmaximus

    Signature Tower

    Yeah tall steel frame buildings bend and sway in the wind, so I wouldn't say you're a whole lot worse off in a skyscraper than in a wood framed house. Secondly, people who suggest against building skyscrapers due to fear of terrorism should not be included in any serious discussion and should barricade themselves in a bomb shelter. I mean that's like saying we shouldn't build cities above ground because of possible nuclear attacks from China or Russia.
  10. pompusmaximus

    Haywood Park redevelopment

    That is certainly wonderful news. Have they released a rendering of the new buildings yet? Also, I wonder if the harsh anti-redevelopment comments made in the citizen times are written by the same ones who continue to vandalize the urban trail.
  11. pompusmaximus

    Signature Tower

    Thanks plastic man! Yeah I would say 56 stories of condominiums is quite a challenge in this market.
  12. pompusmaximus

    Signature Tower

    That looks pretty awesome. The building reminds me of something out of Gotham city.I just stumbled upon this forum a few minutes ago and I am curious to the likelyness of this actually being built in Nashville. Would anybody mind summarizing what's happening with this project?
  13. pompusmaximus

    Charleston Transit | Commuter Rail, Light Rail

    Are walk and don't walk signs not good enough anymore?
  14. pompusmaximus

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    Whoa, I was standing right by there on new years too