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  1. I love Hartford to pieces and I think you've got a very valid point, though I'd hardly call Gottesdiener a slum lord. All of the state money pouring into the Beat should've been used to reform property taxes and shift the burden of revenue-making from the towns and cities to the states. That's the only reform that will have a truly long term impact on Hartford's success. That said, I think this seed effort might be what it takes to catalyst people investing in and caring about the city again, which might spur the political will necessary for true reform. It's a tough call.
  2. I am not in commercial real estate, but I can't for the life of me understand why a coffee shop and a cell phone store would be rejected, especially given that your space needs--I presume--weren't extraordinary, certainly not the scale of a Borders, B&N or clothing retailer. If I'm a national retailer, I'd look around Hartford and think, this supports no retail. But if a few stores like yours are moving in, then I think, ok, it's not a developed retail market, but there are enough feet on the street to support these businesses. I mean, especially given that people don't need a cell phon
  3. That's sad for folks at the Linden.
  4. I disagree. The building sits directly along the highway/river, with its terrace overlooking the river. Setting it back would have eliminated that vantage point, which is one of the building's assets. I think the room for development on the Columbus Blvd. side makes the most sense. The problem is that it's a parking lot, and we all despise surface parking. They should have made it a park, and the street should be lined with trees to keep a linear perspective for motorists and pedestrians alike.
  5. (1) Chipotle is no longer owned by McDonald's and they do not franchize, which means they're consistent, and, IMO, consitently good. I would welcome them anywhere in Hartford, but I imagine they'd prefer to be downtown b/c it'd be easier to attract the lunchtime crowd. (2) I have been advocating for Hartford to try to attract stores not elsewhere in CT, and not in most cities--though I can't imagine there's anything not in New York--such as Pink or Zara. This would unquestionablly be a huge challenge, if not down-right impossible, despite my confidence that we're a very strong market and
  6. I think UConn should sell Dempsey. If there's a market out there for the Farmington Valley, let a private company tap it. UConn could build a medical school downtown (north of I84 is perfect) and then it would be close enough to St. Francis and Hartford Hospital to form partnerships with them to educate their students. This public/private partnership could be tremendously beneficial to all parties involved, including the city and region. But I predict that UConn eventually will get it's hospital built in Farmington b/c the Farmington delegation in the legislature will thwart any effort
  7. Amen. And it sincerely would be nice to have med students living downtown instead of in those condos by "The Exchange."
  8. I don't think they're selling at all yet b/c service doesn't start until July, does it? I mean it makes sense to me that they'd offer a big promotion at first to bring attention to the route. I may take a trip to Europe this summer but I'm not nearly ready to start planning it.
  9. Well, here here for property tax reform! I mean that would solve a lot of problems.
  10. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. It's so depressing. I agree that something is better than nothing, but we didn't bite when there was a market. If you put stores that previously didn't exist in Hartford County (Cheesecake Factory, Crate and Barrel) in Front Street, you corner that part of the market and give people something downtown that they can't get in their suburb. But Blueback beat us to the punch on that one--and to the extent there was a void of upscale shopping east of the river, Evergreen filled that gap. Frankly--and I don't mean to sound naive--I still think there's an unmet upscal
  11. I'm sorry, but Front Street is drifting sideways. They have to move on this or the city will lose momentum, and they need a commitment from a national retailer, like Borders. I realize that after the state fired Cohen, the word was that national retail wouldn't be interested yet, but I think the market is here, there just has to be buzz. You can create demand by creating supply.
  12. Go for it. Please get involved in Hartford politics. Here's my perspective. I'm a 26 year-old white man who's lived in the West End for 4 years. I think Hartford's great. I think it's really poised to take off, but I'm totally perplexed when hear opposition to Front Street ... that Winch thinks "Front Street doesn't invite me." What does that mean?! Does it mean that most of her constituents can't afford to shop there? I well imagine that might be the case for a lot of Hartford's residents. But how is Hartford supposed to expand its tax base--how can it pay for itself, its sch
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