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  1. @KJHburg just posted that a couple posts back.
  2. Yeah I tend to agree. That Crabtree building is boring, drab, and really contributes nothing stimulating to the area it's in.
  3. About half of that shopping center is getting torn down due to the Glenaire expansion.
  4. Oh man I forgot about Sadlacks. So sad. Really wish it lived on in another form.
  5. It's not all city owned. The lots at the corner of Person and Hargett Streets (The Outpost), the lot at the middle of Martin Street (Law Offices), and the lot at the corner of Person and Martin Streets (what was Killo Pest Control) are all independently owned.
  6. Wow that's just beautiful. Hope they can pull it off as that'd be quite the flanking entrance to downtown there.
  7. Here's a better link directly to the planning docs on Raleigh's website: https://www.raleighnc.gov/content/PlanDev/Documents/DevServ/DevPlans/Reviews/2019/SiteReview /ASR-0059-2019.pdf
  8. Can a moderator edit this topic to be a bit more "on topic" without the capslock explosion? It's also not directly Triangle related.
  9. So depending on how this plays out, this could be fairly deliberate on Meredith's part to get the NCDOT to back off. In the below alternative map, the big sideways T building at the bottom-middle (right of "MEREDITH COLLEGE" ) is Weatherspoon. If they plan to stick the new building in that field space between it and 440, things could get interesting between the DOT and Meredith. The TBJ article says it'll be in the northwest of campus, but that could be in a few places. Could also go to the right of that parking lot next to Weatherspoon or further up where that big "C" is, dunno.
  10. From: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/business/article228029674.html Alright smart people, where are those 40 acres? Time to bust out IMAPS.
  11. Meh. All the media hype and soul-crushing string-alongs by the Army, Amazon, and Apple have left me not caring about crap like this anymore. They can go plop down in Canada for all I care at this point.
  12. It kind of does annoy me slightly. Given how utterly terrible Apex's transportation and greenway network currently is.
  13. Looks like they may resort to tunneling the Durham-Orange light rail thru the ATC corridor: https://www.wral.com/tunnel-could-be-solution-to-move-durham-orange-light-rail-project-forward/18065756/ I have to say that I'm impressed at how dedicated everyone is to this project. They are going as far as throwing it underground in this one area to keep things moving. Hope it keeps up with the momentum as we head toward a 2020 groundbreaking with this. #fingerscrossed
  14. I understand not wanting to sell because of potentially not finding an equivalent nearby, but man would I hate to be that 1 person that didn't sell. You'll literally have 50 other people breathing down your neck every time you set foot outside your door. No thanks.
  15. Wow, that's super awesome.
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