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  1. DPK

    East Cary Gateway

    It's crazy that this is finally happening and got off the ground, especially considering this specific locations past.
  2. Bing maps is surprisingly more up to date with their aerials of the area:
  3. Sort of, but not entirely. Kane owns a rather large parcel still to the East of what you see on that image, where the church is. He is developing it though and I think has already started clearing the land, which isn't apparent on the dated satellite imagery. The Vine Apartments are already leasing, seen below. You can see Kane's plans for it on the North Hills East master plan guide from 2019: To further illustrate the land ownership boundaries, here is the bit that Kane owns: Here is the bit that Midtown Exchange owns:
  4. I love this, however that pocket of land is so wedged in by 147 and egress from ATC to 147 is and of itself an abomination. I hesitate to speculate how terrible traffic flow is going to be with this addition on game and DPAC nights without improving the intersections adjacent to this development, particularly those at the 147 on/off ramps.
  5. Yeah it's pretty crazy that stuff like that can be hiding in plain sight and as time pushes forward those that did remember become few/far between. Really makes you think. You can be walking down a greenway or a sidewalk somewhere and feet away from you can be this mind bender, hidden amongst some brambles or behind a wall.
  6. DPK

    East Cary Gateway

    I can't remember where I read it, but I thought it was funny that some people within the Town suddenly came to a realization how terrible of an idea it is to have that hotel where it is since it's view is basically looking down on to the roof of the Wegmans. Great planning guys, although I admit there's not a lot of options. They could have stuck the hotel back a block though after another row of "street" retail. Oh well.
  7. The Mayton Inn has changed hands finally: https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2020/06/05/investor-group-closed-on-sale-of-mayton-inn-in.html
  8. If you go on Amazon Careers, they're already hiring positions for it too.
  9. They really struggle with retail, especially food. As an employee that used to work at ATC up until everyone went work from home, the food options are dismal there these days. They lost Tyler's, Cuban Revolution, the bbq place, the wing place, two sandwich places, and the sushi/asian place all within the span of the last couple years. Their rents are kind of jacked up as nobody seems to be able to successfully keep a restaurant open there these days. Now they just have popups and food trucks. That and last year they stopped doing Concerts on the Lawn, which sucks. It was fun to stay after work and hear some tunes. I think their leasing company changed hands which probably explains the crap show.
  10. @KJHburg just posted that a couple posts back.
  11. Yeah I tend to agree. That Crabtree building is boring, drab, and really contributes nothing stimulating to the area it's in.
  12. About half of that shopping center is getting torn down due to the Glenaire expansion.
  13. Oh man I forgot about Sadlacks. So sad. Really wish it lived on in another form.
  14. It's not all city owned. The lots at the corner of Person and Hargett Streets (The Outpost), the lot at the middle of Martin Street (Law Offices), and the lot at the corner of Person and Martin Streets (what was Killo Pest Control) are all independently owned.
  15. Wow that's just beautiful. Hope they can pull it off as that'd be quite the flanking entrance to downtown there.
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