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  1. When I used to live there about a decade ago, there was a locked gate in the wood fence along the Cotton Mill property bordering the railroad. Owners could access Seaboard via that gate with their keys and then walk across the tracks.
  2. That can't be Downtown Durham or Duke, the camera angle doesn't line up that way with IQVIA from RDU Airport. Morrisville is in that far direction.
  3. I mean it's far better to stick the grocery store on the ATC side of the tracks in terms of residential traffic. There are more apartments surrounding the ATC than downtown proper. You have the new condos being built to the West, the Cortland Bull City Apartments that replaced the old dilapidated hotel, Whetstone apartments by the bus station, the bust station traffic in general, Willard Apartments, Bullhouse Apartments, Van Alen Apartments, and 2-3 other new apartment buildings going up by Ciderworks right now. Not to mention just the general office traffic picking up quick things on the way home from ATC, 555 Mangum, Avalara, etc. While yes there is some residential on the other side of the tracks downtown, the ATC side has a wealth of footsteps that will keep a grocery store there bustling without batting an eye.
  4. Pretty sure they found it on LoopNet, but I can't find the specific listing myself either.
  5. Let's not forget that a lot of that "available property" is because the City of Durham at one point went a bit insane and started to declare "urban blight" and tear down a bunch of pretty cool buildings.
  6. lol true, I agree with you there.
  7. I mean that is kind of their color/branding. They even have a giant pink t-rex they've paraded out on occasion.
  8. That's the proposed replacement for the block that currently has the old South Bank building right?
  9. What gear do you use for your photos? They turned out amazing!
  10. I'm really surprised that McDonalds closed as it had to have been a money maker right there by the Teeter and on Oberlin near State. The building was slightly worse for wear though and perhaps it just wasn't worth the cost of tear down and replace like all the other McDonalds over the past decade in this area. I guess they got a good offer and/or it was just too close to the location down near Glenwood and Peace.
  11. Can you not spam every thread with this crap? Particularly in a thread about photos?
  12. I mean you can make new threads. Brier Creek is just way off from the Blue Ridge / Wade Corridor. I'd argue that the Art Museum is more Central than West regardless. Probably a thread titled "Blue Ridge and Wade Avenue Corridor" as there's not really a good name for that area, but is going to be heavily changing in the next decade, especially when Bandwidth drops their new building.
  13. I think so and tend to agree. A lot of people put off vacations last year for the obvious reason you mentioned. People (especially those that went full hermit until they were vaccinated) are now wanting to stretch their legs. The hotel industry would be smart to start resuming build out of planned properties so they're ready for next year. This year we'll probably see a mini boom in travel again, but I'd wager next year is going to be insane when honeymoons put on hold happen, destination weddings, a backlog of vacation travel (personally I'm in this category), some light business travel, etc etc kick into high gear again as people feel like they have to make up for lost time.
  14. I really love how that entire area is going to evolve. It will definitely drive more development in downtown Cary for sure. You'll have residential, retail, office, a beautiful park, parking, and a public library/arts access. It's going to be such a beautiful microcosm of walkability.
  15. Some of ya'll need to put on your adult pants and stop going on tirades like children. This community has historically been a place for light hearted discussion and more observational talk. Today's the first time in near/over a decade that I signed in to read someone calling another user an idiot and other users bickering like they have the final word in a topic. I don't know if we're suddenly getting an influx of new people on here or if it's something else, but grow up and control yourselves. If you're going to have an opposing viewpoint, that's fine. However back up your statements with facts and resources. Everyone here should be humble enough to be tolerant of opposing viewpoints given that.
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