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  1. Yes, Please! This forum desparately needs some intellectual conversation on here. Don't get me wrong, I like the chatter in here...just wish we (this forum) could really talk about urban issues beyond just posting new developments. Hehehe...my wish for the new year. Mele Kalikimaka a Haoli Makahiki Hou!
  2. I really like the lines on the medical building also...it beats having a big box!
  3. Hey UrbanGuy...Puaena should be moved to the dead list. Allure Waikiki is the current project name for the Wave Waikikiki site.
  4. Yeah, I am hoping they do a low-rise high density apartment complex. I like tall buildings (I wish we could have a higher height limit), but in appropriate areas...I think Chinatown should not go beyond 6 stories.
  5. I really hope more of these types of projects (residential lofts atop a mixed-use base) are proposed. I think these types of buildings are better suited for the urban core of Honolulu as urban in-fill projects. The NCR lofts will hopefully be the catalyst.
  6. There has been actually 2 proposals for a LRT system in the past, there has been one Bus Rapid Transit system proposal that died a couple years ago and Honolulu is currently in the early stages of attempting to get another mass transit system in place by 2012. The current proposal is estimated to cost twice as much as the last proposal. They estimated the cost to be $2 Billion for a system that runs about 22-miles. The cost of gas runs about $3.50/gallon (on O'ahu, more on the other islands). I think the rising cost of gasoline will tip the scales in favor of a mass transit system among
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