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  1. and sausage making can get quite ugly....
  2. And on a side note much of the poor service issues with taxis stem from the fact that they typically do not roam beyond the areas that have tourists, etc. Why you ask? Probably because they were not smart enough to come up with an app that requires you to pay in advance for them coming to you like Uber does. The current system finds them in a scenario where most folks will call more than one cab company and go with the first one that shows up. Not a good business model if you ask me!
  3. bwithers1 is right on the money in his assessments. If you want to see what the new regulations might look like google what the State of Colorado passed recently and you will get an idea. Any public conveyance apparatus should have some safety and security guidelines for the general public.
  4. trust me I have been there, they still can't experience it because Tootsies is just another bar without being on lower broad in Nashville.
  5. There is an entrance at the corner of 8th and Demonbreun. Anywhere else on the 8th street side you would walk into exhibit hall d.
  6. currently only taxi, limo, and wrecker drivers are required to apply with the City for permits. TBI background checks are done and each applicant is interviewed. In 3 years, I have never seen a clean background check. Some are worse than others. Your question about the number of cars is more complicated. In the past couple of years we have doubled the number of permits and created several new companies including driver owned companies. the problem is still going to be leveling the playing field. I am supportive of keeping the public safety issues similar for all but opening up things like fares, etc. to open market pricing. my fear is when surge pricing happens, the first ones to get blamed will be the regulators.
  7. Actually they are not all anti and I just linked the ones I had at random. You should really come to a Transportation Licensing Commission meeting and see for yourself what goes on and who is applying to be drivers. Trust me it would scare you. You would be very happy to see that someone is actually saying no to some of these folks. No one on the commission makes a dime for either being on the commission or from any taxi companies and in fact I am pretty confident all of us are hopeful that this new method of transportation for hire can be successful because the real problem is lack of cars not that taxi's suck. The current administration is a huge proponent of Uber so I am not sure why all the backlash on the subject. I think we all have good intentions and just want to make sure that people using these services are kept safe and have the best possible experience. Despite the ramblings of some extremists on this board, in this instance, the government is not your enemy. In fact the government was the one who got the Uber ball rolling...
  8. Random reads, I have tons of them but just picked out a few. I think the take away is that there are issues all over the U.S (and the world) that many are just trying to iron out so everyone is on a level playing field. Either regulate the new ones more or de-regulate the current ones. It's just not fair to allow advantages to one group over another based upon current laws that are obviously trying to be circumvented. I think you will see taxi firms going to a more app based service in the near future. http://pando.com/2014/04/24/uberx-allegedly-hired-a-convicted-felon-with-a-20-year-rap-sheet-so-much-for-those-improved-background-checks/ http://www.cleveland.com/business/index.ssf/2014/04/critics_of_uber_and_lyft_raise_questions_about_insurance_and_safety.html http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/16/lyft-lobbying_n_5161322.html?utm_hp_ref=politics http://www.nola.com/business/index.ssf/2014/04/new_orleans_isnt_alone_in_its.html http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20140418/APA/304189669 http://www.newson6.com/story/25198189/some-oklahomans-concerned-with-safety-of-tech-taxi-companies http://technical.ly/baltimore/2014/04/09/bill-exempt-uber-lyft-common-carrier-status-fails-pass/ http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2014/04/08/City_suing_app-based_livery_service.html http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2014-03-14/news/chi-city-council-subpoenas-insurance-records-from-rideshare-firms-20140313_1_ride-share-lyft-and-sidecar-taxi-drivers http://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/print-edition/2014/01/24/ride-apps-uber-lyft-sidecar-crash.html
  9. I appreciate all the sentiments but they are charging. I have been solicited on several occasions and told what the charge would be to take me from point A to point B. And everyone continues to miss the point. Unless there are some regulations that protect you, the citizen, you are potentially being put into a dangerous position that can only be a lose, lose for you. No one is against the free market but should developers be allowed to put up skyscrapers without someone making sure they won't fall down? How is this any different?
  10. I am aware that they do checks and I am also aware that some of their procedures will be adopted here locally but there is still the issue of insurance and how much do they really cover. Lyft and Uber are not the issue here and we are working with them to get it all in place. the issue and the original post was about the golf cart "rides" that are being provided around downtown and those types of company that have no regulation but can cause just as much damage. I think f you will do some due diligence on this subject, including Uber and Lyft, you will find that there are many issues nationwide that municipalities are trying to rectify. No one is trying to get rid of them, quite the opposite is true. they just need to follow simple established guidelines for companies that are "for hire" transportation. I use Uber so I certainly am not against them, but this notion that all things regulatory are stifling is nonsense.
  11. Really....let's put your kids on one of these "unregulated" conveyances and see how you feel if something terrible happens (and It does) and then you find out no one ever checked to see if the driver had any history that would be cause for concern and then to top it off they have NO insurance so you get the medical costs associated with said tragedy and so on. Would you put your family on a plane or any other public conveyance without some knowledge of any kind about who is operating the machinery and can they protect my kids! I think not. Please quit being so political with all of your thoughts, this is not about that it is about common sense. NO ONE CARES what they charge the end user, they only care that they follow guidelines set up for your safety. Geesh...
  12. not to be a spoiled sport but their business model may take a hit soon as they are not following regulations and are currently breaking the law by charging patrons for rides. They along with Uber, Lyft, the pedi-shaws, etc. are going to be in for a surprise in the very near future. You can't circumvent the law while others (register cabs, etc.) have to abide by certain restrictions, and get away with it for very long. If they comply then all will be well....
  13. nice comeback, I suspect the increase in the value of your property is due solely to things other than the improvements and additional businesses in the area that have come , in part, because of the tourism/hospitality industry. Actually the AMP is not a huge boon for the hospitality industry, in fact the tech industry and the medical industry are probably more to blame for the increase in calls for better mass transit. You know those guys and gals who are buying up residential property left and right all along this corridor. Hard to recruit bright young minds when they see the traffic mess and are unable to maneuver within an area they would like to live, work, and play.
  14. It's like the old saying "I can explain it to you, but I can't make you understand it."
  15. And I think it is wrong headed to not create more opportunities for mass transit, even at the expense of drivers. There is no law that says I have the right to all 8 lanes....unless of course we get into the political discussion again... Kudos to you my friend. You actually get it...
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