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  1. So these project beg the question. Now that the MCC is complete, and those involved were short-sighted enough to remove the entrance at the roundabout to save a few pennies, will an expensive retrofit be necessary to cater to these hotels?

    There is an entrance at the corner of 8th and Demonbreun. Anywhere else on the 8th street side you would walk into  exhibit hall d.

  2. not to be a spoiled sport but their business model may take a hit soon as they are not following regulations and are currently breaking the law by charging patrons for rides. They along with Uber, Lyft, the pedi-shaws, etc. are going to be in for a surprise in the very near future. You can't circumvent the law while others (register cabs, etc.) have to abide by certain restrictions, and get away with it for very long. If they comply then all will be well....

  3. P2 history has shown that you are the ultimate cheerleader for 'all things' that benefit the local hospitality industry. Your support of BRT (with dedicated lanes) is not surprising, even though you admit it is a hardship on local Nashville drivers (taxpayers), and I have shown that it is not the best and highest utilization for the lanes...

    nice comeback, I suspect the increase in the value of your property is due solely to things other than the improvements and additional businesses in the area that have come , in part, because of the tourism/hospitality industry. Actually the AMP is not a huge boon for the hospitality industry, in fact the tech industry and the medical industry are probably more to blame for the increase in calls for better mass transit. You know those guys and gals who are buying up residential property left and right all along this corridor. Hard to recruit bright young minds when they see the traffic mess and are unable to maneuver within an area they would like to live, work, and play.

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  4. Are you really unable to discern the difference? Basically I am saying DO NOT throw the drivers 'Under The Bus', both metaphorically and literally, in order to advance mass-transportation in Nashville. I think it is wrong-headed and will lessen the support for mass-transit projects.

    I believe there to be many better solutions including the revised Dean plan NOT having dedicated BRT lanes on the highly congested roadways.

    And I think it is wrong headed to not create more opportunities for mass transit, even at the expense of drivers. There is no law that says I have the right to all 8 lanes....unless of course we get into the political discussion again...

    Areas with the most congestion is where it is most important to have dedicated lanes. First, these are the places where transportation demand most exceeds supply and where it is most beneficial to transport the most people per sqft of road space. Secondly, if the bus gets caught in traffic it increases travel time and destroys schedule reliability. Everyone who rides the bus is taking up a much smaller sqft of road than an auto passenger, benefitting everyone else and therefore meriting priority.

    It seems to me that the value of road space as a publicly owned commodity is underestimated by some. It is owned by all tax payers and those sitting in a car take up a disproportionate amount of this resource without compensating everyone else for removing that space from all other potential uses. Short of charging tolls to decrease demand, increasing supply for transportation throughput is the only way to resolve the issue.

    Kudos to you my friend. You actually get it...

  5. So your solution is to make traffic worse for cars to make it better for the mass-transit?

    That is exactly the reason STOP AMP was formed. There seems to be a notion out there that the worse you make the situation for cars the better it is for mass-transit (the government using negative and positive reinforcement).... of course the people paying for the mass-transit are the very ones driving the cars.....

    I am not sure I understand this logic that doing nothing will decrease the burden of the 1 person per car frenzy that Middle Tennesseans seem to love. Do we think that there will be less traffic over time? It only makes it worse for cars if people are unwilling to do something to make it better for everyone. 

  6. I live right on West End and work at Saint Thomas West, but have never really formed an opinion of whether I should support the AMP or not (which, I probably should have at this point). Either way, all of this back and forth with the government and the mayor and these people for and against is absolutely exhausting. It's really unfortunate because I feel like people of my age group (21-25) who live on West End would be open and progressive enough to use the AMP. But like I said, all of the arguing/change of plans/etc has left me without interest and at this point I could care less.


    Just an opinion. I don't know how old everyone is, but I just wanted to give my perspective from (what I feel) would be an age group who be ready and willing to use the AMP. Please nobody jump me (haha).

    you are the demographic...

  7. If the only discussions are about new buildings going up, what type of materials are being used, etc. then no politics enter the thought process. When you start discussing the merits of things like The Amp, or the Convention Center when that was up for debate you are always going to have politics involved because that is all it is. I am certainly not without sin on this subject and I am not hiding from that, I just think you will have a hard time stopping it on certain subjects.

  8. ^As a Tea Partier, I can say that Haslam is not considered a "Conservative" by those of us on the right, but part of the moneyed Establishment wing. Were it not for the legislature and their veto override power, he'd likely prefer to lean more to the left (so likely more forthcoming with spending on expensive mass transit). This is why I did not vote for him in either the primary (I was supporting Ron Ramsey) or general (I voted for Independent Carl "Two Feathers" Whitaker) in 2010. I expect to vote for Independent Democrat John Jay Hooker in the general this year (I voted for him against Sundquist back in '98 when he was the regular Dem nominee).

    Let's make sure what the phrase "lean more to the left" means to you. As I have witnessed that would be about 40 degrees to the right and about 100 degrees from just left of center.

  9. I think you missed the subtle switch to national politics... Dear Leader is Obama.

    The (R )s are Congressional Republicans...

    Wow, even more fascinating if you truly believe any of the Congressional or Senate Republicans have compromised with this administration at the National level. Well of course except Mitch, he loves him some Obama.... 

  10. ... well, I am not sure how it is in his best interest? cars? I think he will sell plenty of cars regardless of AMP. 

    I am pretty sure you are just being sarcastic but in my mind the ®s have compromised with Dear Leader far too often... not top get off on a tangent.

    They "compromise" because they are in the minority in City politics. Why do you think they want the State to step in so badly....

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  11. ... a MSNBC/NBC/Esquire Poll vs. a Gallup Poll.... 'nuff said

    but yeah for Mayor Dean's compromise.....

    It's not an MSNBC poll, just reported by them, but the sad part is we have come to the point where we have separate networks who we look to for "the news." What does that say about how we view things? You can find reports on this from a variety of outlets that have the same variety of numbers. The more important issue is we, as a society, are now so against any discussion unless it is "our way" that important issues like Mass Transit don't get solved they get debated. At least the Mayor is open to some compromise in order to move this project forward. My fear is both sides are so far apart that is will never happen. It's also not lost on me that in the end, ideology is the deciding factor. East Nashville loves it and West Nashville hates it and a guy who sells automobiles and one who sells gasoline are the leading opponents.

  12. And ideology is fine, but let's try to keep it in perspective. When debating the merits of public transit, and any political involvement, bringing up other political ideologies that a poster might or might not support (especially in the spectrum of social politics) is not helpful, and eventually, as we have seen, leads to some pretty nasty e-confrontations and debases the overall argument.

    I'm trying to do exactly that. The merits of civic policy are not  party affiliated. In fact over 50% of the voting public consider themselves somewhere in the middle of that equation. Both parties are responsible for the messes and successes enjoyed in the Country. Change is the hard thing for many to accept but it is coming, it just takes time.

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  13. How about that Amp thingy...... I doubt that any ideological positions will be changed on this board.... I think my view is correct and logical and I am sure all of you do as well. I do not know a true single issue voter and thus a simple transit dispute is always likely to morph into a larger disagreement and general venting of views. 

    I have found that it is more productive and enjoyable to talk politics with supporters and opponents alike face-to-face and would welcome such discourse. To do so over an impersonal message board is an exercise in futility, IMO.

    People have great points on all sides but at the end of the day it is ALWAYS about ideology when it comes to issues like healthcare, public transportation, etc. It just is....

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  14. RJ, the enormity of your projections aside, governance is an "us" vs. "them" game. Your side started it. Remember your own President put it best 5 years ago, "I won."

    I think that above all else is the one thing I find most detestable about the opposition ideology, is its basic dishonesty. All I can really do is mock it, since it has so heartily earned it.

    I think the I won comment put in proper context was a statement that in a Democratic free voting society he got more votes, not once but twice, and by a large margin. All that means is more folks agree than disagree, by a large margin..........

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  15. Tony has until March 31, next Monday, to decide what to do with the Marriott project on Demonbreun. This may influence the rest of the projects, or it may not! When I said i hear there is a deal with Steve Smith and Tony on the Crow property is was not for Tony to rent it for construction but rather Tony to own it. It's all hearsay until they top out the building!

  16. I would imagine that a portion of the costs will be through taxes just as roads and any other form of transportation is paid for. Is there something that says my tax dollars can only go for roads or am I allowed to take municipal transportation that does not make me purchase an automobile? And before the simple obvious reply of "take the current bus system" comes back, how about I would like a more efficient and quicker system that will move more people and allow for many of us to ditch the car...

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