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  1. Maybe they are left of you but based upon their reasoning, they are still right of center for sure.
  2. The Omni Dallas has these over their entire structure and they create a variety of looks. Not saying I like it, just sayin'
  3. and they just put them in that specific area about 8 weeks ago.
  4. It's not designed to attract "big names" and it will only seat 6000 or so with only 2500 true seats. We have plenty of venues for that.
  5. Skrillex, Nashville Symphony, Bob Dylan, Zach Brown Band and more have already played on the site so it won't be hard to accommodate those size acts. I think the purpose of this is to have a place for the symphony and local holiday events like the 4th more so than a true amphitheater with several shows a week. Think of it as a mini- Millennium park. It will be a park first and a music venue second. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/77/Millennium_Park_Map_labels.png/400px-Millennium_Park_Map_labels.png
  6. The lawn at riverfront is the same site as the proposed amphitheater. You are referring to Riverfront Park where Nashville Dancin' and a few others have events.
  7. The substation was already built and the police precinct already planned when the Plan of Sobro was developed. It does not go against the ideals in the study.
  8. Currently hotels in the downtown are running a mid 80's % occupancy rate and setting rev par (numbers associated with total daily revenue generated per room) every month. This is without a large numbers of groups coming to the MCC yet. The largest number of attendees and groups starts in earnest in January. The calendar is pretty full through 2016 right now and groups are waiting to see if more product comes online before they book. Nashville has lost several large groups already because they do not have the room capacity to accommodate them. Kind of a chicken and egg scenario but things will shake out soon.
  9. All BRT busses are similar in design in terms of wide doors, inside seating, bike racks, etc. They are designed to pull up to the curb using automated sensors and allow for smooth transitions into and out of each coach. they will look something like this:
  10. Try looking at the bus from the passenger side...ther are plenty of pics available.
  11. They will look more like your first picture. The design features will include wide step in\out doors and internal bike racks, etc. they will also feature free wi-fi.
  12. parking does not have to be such an issue and would not be if the City can get mass transit like the AMP up and running. People complain about the lack of parking and then they complain when you want to give them an alternative. There would be a stop literally a block and a half from this area.
  13. Mark Bloom was rumored to be the person behind the Four Seasons project, you can take it from there.
  14. John, All due respect but you have no clue what you are talking about. Detractors of tourism like to limit their jobs conversations to the lower wage jobs that are in tourism (and every industry) while not considering the large amount of mid -level jobs that do exist in every facet. Tourism is no different than any other segment, it has sales associates, service sectors, mid-management, upper management, and janitors just like everything else. There are chefs and wait staff at both high end establishments that pay very well and pubs and taverns that do not. 120 more people in the taxi industry in the last 6 months have jobs where they had none before in direct correlation to the tourism industry. There are management staff and ticket takers at the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Ryman, The Frist, and so on. How many more audio engineers, lighting designers, and stagehands are now working far more than they were 6 months ago? My company had offices in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Dallas until 8 months ago and now they have 3 offices here in Davidson Co. employing over 30 people full time and only 6 of them are hourly. We do hire additional companies that do everything from trucking to office cleaning that are a direct effect of tourism. Since we opened our doors we have become the #1 cargo customer of Southwest Airlines out of Orlando. How many more companies like ours do you think exist? Your statement does not hold water and your "facts" are not even close to the truth...Your time in the industry has not made you an expert but has made you bitter. For that I am sorry.
  15. "Tourism jobs do not equate with success like professional careers. I am afraid our current mayor is more interested in providing low wage jobs in tourism than anything else." My mother will be heartbroken to learn that the 38 years I have spent in the music and tourism industry does not equate to a real "professional" career.....
  16. you guys are too funny and yes John you are correct, Communism and saving architecture go hand in hand. Why else would Cuba still have so many things left over from the 50's!
  17. Wow, wouldn't it be great if they announced a third property, lets say on the roundabout. That would be sweet!
  18. New hotel project (full service) will be announced in the next week if not sooner......will have City participation.
  19. Huge ridership, bringing thousands of folks to Nashville: "Low-cost bus operator Megabus has cancelled service between Nashville, Knoxville and Memphis. Megabus director Bryony Chamberlain said the service was cancelled because of lack of ridership. She said a “handful” of customers were refunded for reservations made in advance."
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