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  1. Not any different than drivers in roundabouts.
  2. As tired as you are, I am also tired of people thinking they are entitled to services without paying for them. Local government is not the same as State and Federal government. It is pretty cut and dried. If local government doesn't look at the bigger picture and find ways to increase revenues and grow business then your taxes are 100 fold what they are now. Even with this increase your property tax base is still the lowest of any major city in TN. Polls are what they are.. Manipulated for the desired response of the polling party. It is black and white. I'm for it and your against it. It doesn't get more simple than that.
  3. Just so I understand your argument...because Nashville has a tourism industry, that industry should pay for mass transit upgrades? Isn't it true that healthcare is the largest industry in the City? Since the vast majority of that industry will be within close proximity to the corridor, by your logic, shouldn't they pay for this? And just for clarification, this is not a property tax increase. That would require a vote by the citizens of Davidson County. This is a rollback of a tax cut that happened in 2006 I believe. Once we are back to where we were, any future tax increase will be on a ballot.
  4. Talking to my wife last night about our thread, she shared this email with me ( edited) about a young professionals move to Nashville. This is important in that this City is on a major push to recruit young professionals to move here and fill am oid we have for skilled labor. Yes, we have jobs available, we just need to be a player for recruitment of people to fill those roles. "Hi xxxx How are you? I hope that all is well in Chicago--I really miss it! I've been in Nashville now for about 10 weeks and love it, but there are some differences (such as having to rely on a car versus taking public transportation) that make me want to come back and visit." On another note I have. confirmed that Ed Cole from the MTA will speak at the next URA business meeting on August 20th. The meetings are held at the Nashville Downtown Partnership offices beginning at 6:30 pm. All are welcome.
  5. Actually only a small portion of the taxes collected on hotel rooms goes toward the MCC. I think it is around 2%. There is also a $2 per room night tax that 100% goes to the MCC. The buildings or land owners also pay property taxes.
  6. Yes, I am against a special taxing district. As I stated mass transit should be provided as a service as it is in most industrialized nations. Many of which are thriving like Germany, Scandinavia, etc. does it cost more...yes. I'm not not sure why you are so hellbent on tourism paying. I am not sure I pay an extra tax when I visit other cities and countries specifically for transit. The government already collects taxes from these businesses to support the services they provide.
  7. I think that is the problem with our thinking in this country. If it doesn't suit me then I don't want to contribute. As a society we are also missing the point of mass transit. It should be part of the mix just as schools, garbage collection, and police are supported by all citizens. We (nashvillians) are paying for the sins of previous thinking. It's got to give sometime.
  8. how do you come to the conclusion that mass transit is not needed in a city our size? It already costs more to live in the suburbs and drive in to the city than paying to live here, so good luck with that....
  9. Everybody always wants services, the problem is no one wants to pay for them.....
  10. Ther is no such thing as bad press.....especially as it pertains to Music City
  11. Not trying to argumentative but that is my point. The market here is hot and banks are obviously loaning money as witnessed by the projects that have broken ground in the past 6 months. If there ever was a time for this project to break ground it is right now.....
  12. Not sure I understand your reply. The rental market, especially downtown is on fire. Rental buildings like Velocity have filled up to capacity in weeks. That's why they started Pine Street and the units on 12th at Charlotte. Rolling Mill Hill is 100% rented and on and on. M. Hayes just signed a lease on his building across the street that will bring several hundred new jobs to the immediate area. I bet many of those would rent across the street ifmitmwere available.
  13. There is no leased minimum for a rental property.
  14. Simply put you might have a reservation at the hotel and that counts as one. Your reservation might be for 3'days so that is 3 room nights. Taxes, etc. are collected off of room nights ( or actual stays) so when the CVB states they have 600,000 room nights booked, that is how the City equates revenues generated. And yes they are above the 600,000 mark with a goal of 1,000,000 when the hotel opens late in 2013.
  15. Just for clarification purposes Trucking and Hearth Patio did not cancel, they were told by the City that the MCC would not be ready so Nashville actually cancelled them. These groups wanted to be here and have future dates booked. They are not happy that they cannot come. I think it is important to understand the difference and am not trying to be argumentative.
  16. they didn't bolt but actually had to move because the MCC will not be finished in time to hold their meetings in 2013. Each of the three have future meetings booked in the facility.
  17. I guess the fact that there is another option within her district does not weigh in her opinion. Gotta keep those Germantown folks happy!
  18. Will win or should win are two vastly different scenarios in today's climate. The simple fact that real estate experts whomever hired them put the value at 16 million would indicate that the last reward by a jury is way over the top. I am not saying the property was not worth more than 16 million, just not that much more...Now that the final decision will not be heard by a jury but instead by the courts, Metro may have a shot. And I should mention that the land in question is not where the Omni is being built. Metro made sure that Tower was handsomely paid for that piece of property. The property in question is the corner of 5th and Demonbreun where a portion of the MCC is being built.
  19. Wow, it appears that many of you did not read the entire report once you saw the word bus. This system is EXACTLY the same as used for any mode of transportation whether it is a bus or a streetcar. It has the same stations for pick up and drop off, the same technology used to affect the timing of traffic lights (thereby making it truly rapid transit) and basically the same shell and seating (except slightly wider) than the the streetcar. The only exceptions are that it can be flexible to move in another direction instead of being "glued" to a track, it still requires some fuel as it is only a hybrid not exclusively electric and it cost HALF of what a streetcar system does. Personally I can't wait to not have to get my car out to travel to midtown and back....
  20. stat of the day... the average size of the meetings in the current center is 3000 ppl.. The average size of the meetings in the MCC is 7000ppl.
  21. Welcome as well. My only addition to your comments is I think we are overlooking the actual residents of this area and how streetcar line down West End Ave. can get literally hundreds, if not thousands of cars off of this stretch of roadway on a daily basis. There are over 5500 full time residents inside the downtown loop currently and several thousand more in midtown. Add that to the number of visitors and the ridership could be quite heavy right off the bat.
  22. IMO, I still believe we will see the streetcar scenario from White Bridge to 1st Ave. Part of my reasoning is that modern street cars or Light rail take up less width than do traditional busses, therefore making an easier transition space wise in this corridor. Also unless they can run at a faster pace than the normal traffic flow, there would be less reason to incorporate a line back and forth...
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