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  1. Sambone

    The VUE

    Well said native!
  2. Sambone

    The VUE

    I did this drive last night coming home from the Airport, What a view especially against last nights dark sky! The VUE stands out like the monolith from 2001, all dark except for a string of incandescent construction lights. Incidently, the radio station happened to just start playing Steve Miller's "Time Keeps on slipping into the Future..." Orlando has changed so much since the new millenium...
  3. Sambone

    The Plaza

    I stand corrected. Read the bottom of this article Orlando Sentinel
  4. Sambone

    The Plaza

    Rumor is that it wil become anothe Johnny's Filling Stations (Sport Bar)
  5. Sambone

    The Plaza

    I think it does get faster since the floors are just duplicate so some familiarity must set in. I noticed the additional floors of the jackson gaining pace after the first two floors were finally done.
  6. Sambone


    The timing is right now! Imagine in four years time many of the current projects will be finished. It be great to take a train to Sandford.. Then you can bring the Zoo into Orlando's scope.
  7. Welcome to the neighborhood! We've been here for about 9 months ourselves. We love it here... The units all have exposed HVAC, conduits, concrete ceilings. We still need to add some color. What I like most about them is how solid and quiet they are. We never hear any sounds from from neighbor's (well there is the ocassional yelp from the dog next door). It is nice to be able to park on the same level as your unit too. Eola South fills a lot of my view, such a nice building to look at.
  8. Taken today, Sanctuary looks like it's half painted. Activity on the jackson has been flying..... one floor left I believe...
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