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    River House Condominiums

    I can appreciate that. However, as an African American Detroit was and is a center of black culture (more than 1 million blacks in the Detroit Metro...nearly 800,000 in the city proper)...all the major black concert tours hit Detroit...they have numerous black radio stations (Gr has essentially none), all the major league sports. We were never that well off to care about the differnce between Marshall Feild and hudson...both were rather expensive. From my perspective, everything that I valued existed in Detroit...just as much as in Chicago.
  2. Freddy C

    River House Condominiums

    I was just poking fun at the idea of the comparison of Detroit and GR. However, if you placed those Southfield building in would radically improve the skyline. I used to LOVE the view of downtown Detroit driving north on I75....all of a sudden BAM....the Detroit skyline hits you along with the Ambassador bridge. Detroit is not just a big city. Detroit is a MAJOR city. To me the concept of "City" is played out. It is the Metropolitan area measure that is of more importance in the modern times. For purpose of marketing....people do not care what the size of the central city is....its all about the Metro. When Detroit City had nearly 2 million people...there was likely only about 3 million people living in the metropolitan area. Even though Detroit has declined since its 2 million, the metro has grown by 2 million. GR has its place and rank....but it does not compare with Detroit. Its a nice up and coming city....but if I were to move back to would likely be Detroit.
  3. Freddy C

    River House Condominiums

    I think suburban Detroits Southfield is in GR's Leage.
  4. Freddy C

    River House Condominiums

    Whoooooaaaa....what leaders of Detroit? Detroits decline is the decline of Industrial America.....not local leadership unless you are referring to the Auto Industry. Also, let us be Honest....after the riots of the 60's and the election of a Black mayor in 1973...many people wanted the city to FAIL. People divested from the city in boots and dollars and Detroit became a code word for BLack. Lets be honest about AMericas history. We have made great progress....but we are yet to be the nation and people that we portray ourselves to be. Detroit proper has many neigborhoods that would put GR's Best to Shame. Detroit is far from DEAD...but it is peoples perception of Detroit that helps to create a self fullfilling that they can then say....."see I told yah".