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  1. Didn't see it mentioned in the thread here, but the Park Arms apartments (on Markham, across from the UAMS dorms, west of Walnut Street next to the KFC/Taco Bell) were torn down in March & site prep has begun for an Arvest branch bank & associated office complex. There were 4 shotgun houses behind the apartments that were also torn down. I live across the street from the lot and get to enjoy the commotion of the site work everyday My wife & I actually rented an apartment in the Park Arms & moved out shortly before they were torn down. I figure they were built either in the la
  2. Just going to throw my 2 cents in and say Panda Garden @ Shackleford Crossing is quite good, probably the best Chinese buffet in LR at the moment (which may not be saying alot, but still ) The sushi is especially good considering it is from a buffet -- they have their own dedicated sushi chef and the offerings are always varied and well-prepared. I also enjoy having a Cracker Barrel in this part of town... I have a soft spot in my heart for Cracker Barrel; it reminds me of family trips through Tennessee when I was growing up.
  3. I think they've made some real strides in the physical appearance and infrastructure of downtown Conway in just this past year, but I'm not sure what sort of dividends are being paid in terms of people being downtown. I know Mike's Place and Michelangelo's continue to fare well (along with Conway's only bar that can be viewed from the street). The Village at Hendrix is the big thing, but right now it's mostly shuffling a lot of dirt around. Still a long way to go before there is anything to really see. Should be impressive when finished though. Oak Street to I-40 needs help bad, thou
  4. I found plenty of native Arkansans who were anti-UA/Razorbacks at UCA. Also, plenty who were pro. Of course, this is a different generation, after the UA became known in some circles as the "University of Walton," and maybe the first time where real alternatives to the UA existed in Arkansas. However I was hanging out with a lot of music-major type people who had a big chip on their shoulders about how much better the UCA Music department was over the UA's. Truthfully, they're both pretty good, but it seemed to me that the UA attracted a lot more kids from Oklahoma & Texas to their musi
  5. Why it will be That Bookstore at The River Market Tower of course.
  6. I really like the new exteriors, color scheme and textures also. It reminds me of a mall you might see somewhere in central or south Florida. It just needs a few palm trees.
  7. I know people love to cite US News & World Report rankings, but from what I understand there exists a serious amount of contention over their accuracy among academics. The factors that US News uses often have more to do with the funding that exists for a particular school or program than it's actual educational competency. I'm curious to see who exactly is polled to determine the results. Picking where to spend $20,000 or more for college based on the suggestion of a weekly news magazine (or defending it solely based on arbitrary rankings) is a dangerous thing, IMO.
  8. Well, if the Baby Boomer thing is just a marketing strategy, then it's one hell of an affective marketing strategy, I'd say. I don't think I ever meant to rigidly define people my age. Of course there are exceptions. But don't you agree that nearly every generation in modern America has been defined by the very things that you say should not define them: clothes, music, books, etc? And then there's age, but I guess because that is such an intangible thing it's not as interesting to some people. "My generation" as I put it is also a book (or books): Millennials Rising and Millennials Go to C
  9. 1) In your opinion. The UA offers a certain quality of life, one that may or may not be appealing to everyone. 2.) I'll give you that my conclusions are based on anecdotal experience and a few books I've read. There is no hard statistcal evidence I know of either. 3.) Okay, if you don't know what I'm talking about here then you must not be under 25. Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Web 2.0, every gosh darn club we grew up in, soccer practice, after school activities, internet chat, blogs....... what other evidence do you need that young people are obsessed with social connectivity? Some misc
  10. I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with Aporkalypse about the UA not having any competition. Certianly there are no other Teir 1 research institutions in Arkansas right now (as defined by the Carneige Foundation), and nearly everyone pursuing a post-bachelor degree in a "hard" science field will go to the UA to get it. However, I think people are still underestimating the attitudes of Arkansas' current crop of college undergrads (or soon-to-be college undergrads). I am nearing the end of my academic career, but over the years I have seen certain trends develop: 1.) People in my ge
  11. I'd say the best steak is the one you make yourself. That's why my two choices are 1.) A place like The Butcher Block, or 2.) my trusty grill. I will say I enjoy Colton's in Fayetteville, but are we forgetting Doe's? That, in my opinion, is a king of a steak, and the atmosphere is perfect. I don't want to worry about getting steak sauce on my tie while I'm eating -- I wanna kick back w/ a good beer and some friends or the game while downing my charred bovine slab
  12. Talking in another topic about rural Arkansas, someone suggested a rural Arkansas forum. While I like the idea, I don't think we have enough regular posters around here to keep one going, even though there are probably many folks out there off the boards who would be interested in this discussion. So I'm not really for a rural/small-town Arkansas forum, simply because of the lack of numbers. I'm afraid I would be the only poster What say you, fellow posters?
  13. How long until the new Best Buy opens down there? It looked fairly finished when I was in town last weekend.
  14. That actually sounds kinda fun. I'm a sucker when it comes to volunteering for manual labor. Being involved in the neighborhood would be nice, too.
  15. I think you're thinking of the new Chinese restaurant, Hunan Manor I believe. But behind that it looked like there was some grading/dirt work going on in the field next to the Harp's.
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