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  1. Didn't see it mentioned in the thread here, but the Park Arms apartments (on Markham, across from the UAMS dorms, west of Walnut Street next to the KFC/Taco Bell) were torn down in March & site prep has begun for an Arvest branch bank & associated office complex. There were 4 shotgun houses behind the apartments that were also torn down. I live across the street from the lot and get to enjoy the commotion of the site work everyday My wife & I actually rented an apartment in the Park Arms & moved out shortly before they were torn down. I figure they were built either in the late 1940s or early 1950s, based on some interesting Art Deco elements that the building had but which were hidden by awnings and the like. It surprises me that they're building a branch bank in the current economy, but whatever... The old Economy Inn between Cedar & Pine has been boarded up since Fall 2008 at least, I've been hoping someone will make a decision on what to do with it soon. Walgreen's, USA Drug -- I don't care, just get rid of it.
  2. Just going to throw my 2 cents in and say Panda Garden @ Shackleford Crossing is quite good, probably the best Chinese buffet in LR at the moment (which may not be saying alot, but still ) The sushi is especially good considering it is from a buffet -- they have their own dedicated sushi chef and the offerings are always varied and well-prepared. I also enjoy having a Cracker Barrel in this part of town... I have a soft spot in my heart for Cracker Barrel; it reminds me of family trips through Tennessee when I was growing up.
  3. I think they've made some real strides in the physical appearance and infrastructure of downtown Conway in just this past year, but I'm not sure what sort of dividends are being paid in terms of people being downtown. I know Mike's Place and Michelangelo's continue to fare well (along with Conway's only bar that can be viewed from the street). The Village at Hendrix is the big thing, but right now it's mostly shuffling a lot of dirt around. Still a long way to go before there is anything to really see. Should be impressive when finished though. Oak Street to I-40 needs help bad, though. It's like you drove down Sunset in Springdale, but more run down even The areas closest to the intersection of Oak and Harkrider look pretty rough still.
  4. I found plenty of native Arkansans who were anti-UA/Razorbacks at UCA. Also, plenty who were pro. Of course, this is a different generation, after the UA became known in some circles as the "University of Walton," and maybe the first time where real alternatives to the UA existed in Arkansas. However I was hanging out with a lot of music-major type people who had a big chip on their shoulders about how much better the UCA Music department was over the UA's. Truthfully, they're both pretty good, but it seemed to me that the UA attracted a lot more kids from Oklahoma & Texas to their music program, whereas UCA plays strong to the in-state crowd. Also truthfully, UCA was the 2nd place I ended up (after Hendrix). So I'll agree with your statement that it's a good second choice. Certainly it's good for Arkansas to have another academically/athletically-competitive public university.
  5. Why it will be That Bookstore at The River Market Tower of course.
  6. I really like the new exteriors, color scheme and textures also. It reminds me of a mall you might see somewhere in central or south Florida. It just needs a few palm trees.
  7. I know people love to cite US News & World Report rankings, but from what I understand there exists a serious amount of contention over their accuracy among academics. The factors that US News uses often have more to do with the funding that exists for a particular school or program than it's actual educational competency. I'm curious to see who exactly is polled to determine the results. Picking where to spend $20,000 or more for college based on the suggestion of a weekly news magazine (or defending it solely based on arbitrary rankings) is a dangerous thing, IMO.
  8. Well, if the Baby Boomer thing is just a marketing strategy, then it's one hell of an affective marketing strategy, I'd say. I don't think I ever meant to rigidly define people my age. Of course there are exceptions. But don't you agree that nearly every generation in modern America has been defined by the very things that you say should not define them: clothes, music, books, etc? And then there's age, but I guess because that is such an intangible thing it's not as interesting to some people. "My generation" as I put it is also a book (or books): Millennials Rising and Millennials Go to College by Willaim Strauss and Neil Howe. I've been reading those books and I guess I've bought in to what they say, mostly because through my dealings with people my age and yonger, the books seem pretty accurate. Not completely accurate, but certainly some true assumptions are made. I would agree with UCA's growth being in large part to do with NWA. I can't recall how many people I met at UCA from NWA/The River Valley who told me they "hated" NWA, "hated" the UA, or "hated" the Hogs. Certainly there were also many fans of the region/school/team there. Either way, there seemed to be a desire to escape NWA among some, and others because it was cheaper or UCA had a certain program that was of interest. But still, UCA isn't that far from anyone living in AR, which I think at least somewhat supports my theory that "my generation" doesn't feel it's so important to go to school far away from where you grew up, in order to "get out," if you know what I mean.
  9. 1) In your opinion. The UA offers a certain quality of life, one that may or may not be appealing to everyone. 2.) I'll give you that my conclusions are based on anecdotal experience and a few books I've read. There is no hard statistcal evidence I know of either. 3.) Okay, if you don't know what I'm talking about here then you must not be under 25. Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Web 2.0, every gosh darn club we grew up in, soccer practice, after school activities, internet chat, blogs....... what other evidence do you need that young people are obsessed with social connectivity? Some misconstrue this as people pushing away human contact, but I think the reverse is true: all these advances in technology keep us connected to more people. 4) There are also plenty of older people out there w/ college degrees working in jobs they hate, looking to change, and no doubt many that would say they never realized their dream. Having a degree doesn't always make you more successful personally; mostly the gain is financial. 5. My major had 145 hours. Ever think of being a band director? Try 155 hours. There are many other majors like that. You do the math. Fifteen hours isn't too difficult if that's all you're doing -- and most students don't just do classes anymore. The UA will be top dog forever in part because people like it that way, in part because they have a huge head start in generating alumni, but not by simple merits alone. And, to be blunt, I like the UA as well as any of the other schools I've been to, so I'm not bashing. Just being opinionated. Oh, cocotheif, I thought I was being fairly specific in giving 5 reasons. So either you didn't make a joke, or I just don't get it. I apologize to the thread for straying so far off topic.
  10. I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with Aporkalypse about the UA not having any competition. Certianly there are no other Teir 1 research institutions in Arkansas right now (as defined by the Carneige Foundation), and nearly everyone pursuing a post-bachelor degree in a "hard" science field will go to the UA to get it. However, I think people are still underestimating the attitudes of Arkansas' current crop of college undergrads (or soon-to-be college undergrads). I am nearing the end of my academic career, but over the years I have seen certain trends develop: 1.) People in my generation worry less about the name on the degree and more about the "quality of life" of a college/university 2.) People in my generation are looking to go to school closer to home, because many of us grew up with strong ties to family or place. "Getting out" is not as important as it used to be, because you don't have to travel as much to learn about the world these days (thank you, internet) 3.) People in my generation are really worried about social connectivity, and having a strong group of friends. We don't like going it alone. We're looking for schools with small ratios and small populations. 4.) People in my generation are starting to realize that, despite what we may have been told in the 80s & 90s, not everyone should go to college and not everyone needs a degree to suceed. We idolize people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and others who built an empire of their own. 5.) People in my generation are more civic-minded than many people realize. Opportunities like the PeaceCorps, AmeriCorps, City Year, and even the military are attractive alternatives to spending 5 or more years (nobody goes in 4 anymore) stuck behind a desk. I don't say "people in my generation" to be derogatory -- it's just an identifier for people 25 or younger. While the UA will remain top dog for awhile, there is a growing "threat" by smaller institutions like UCA, Hendrix, UALR, and even the 2-year colleges, where kids are looking at all their choices and trying to maximize the personal benefit. These smaller institutions are playing to the desires of a new generation, and a larger institution like UA just can't give the individual attention that is afforded in a smaller setting. There will always be legacy students, and students who dream of the UA, and students who simply choose the UA because it is the best fit for them. Just don't write off the other schools yet. I could have gone to UA first, but I chose Hendrix, then UCA, and now I'm at UA but headed to UALR. And there are many people out there like me. For my generation, there is one thing that is certain: we are indecisive.
  11. I'd say the best steak is the one you make yourself. That's why my two choices are 1.) A place like The Butcher Block, or 2.) my trusty grill. I will say I enjoy Colton's in Fayetteville, but are we forgetting Doe's? That, in my opinion, is a king of a steak, and the atmosphere is perfect. I don't want to worry about getting steak sauce on my tie while I'm eating -- I wanna kick back w/ a good beer and some friends or the game while downing my charred bovine slab
  12. Talking in another topic about rural Arkansas, someone suggested a rural Arkansas forum. While I like the idea, I don't think we have enough regular posters around here to keep one going, even though there are probably many folks out there off the boards who would be interested in this discussion. So I'm not really for a rural/small-town Arkansas forum, simply because of the lack of numbers. I'm afraid I would be the only poster What say you, fellow posters?
  13. How long until the new Best Buy opens down there? It looked fairly finished when I was in town last weekend.
  14. That actually sounds kinda fun. I'm a sucker when it comes to volunteering for manual labor. Being involved in the neighborhood would be nice, too.
  15. I think you're thinking of the new Chinese restaurant, Hunan Manor I believe. But behind that it looked like there was some grading/dirt work going on in the field next to the Harp's.
  16. Hey, is that a Taco Bell going out on Weddington between the Sonic and the Arvest? And is there something going in behind the Bank of Fayetteville, east of the Harp's? I live out there and was just wondering.
  17. Joe Klein owns Corkys'?!?! I didn't know that. Would explain all the memorabilia -- I guess I just wasn't paying attention. On another subject, can anyone suggest some good rental housing options near UALR?
  18. I was in Atlanta over New Year's for the bowl and we were at a huge mall, but it was indoors. They had a Cheesecake Factory. Another indoor mall in Phoenix had one. I guess they don't do the promenade/outdoor/fancy strip-mall concept. And we haven't been contacted in the planning office about anything resembling a Cheescake Factory. It's probably going to be awhile, and I agree that LR will get it first.
  19. I talked with the manager of the Whole Hog in Bentonville shortly after they opened and he said back then that they intended to open in Fayetteville by this past December (I think I also read this in the Arkansas Times). I guess they got held up, but no matter..... I welcome the extra BBQ. And I have to say I am very impressed with Arsaga's -- they have great locations like the Fayetteville library and now the UA Law School. Very smart business moves IMO.
  20. What you say is true. KHOG (or 40/29, or Hearst-Argyle) went before the Rogers Planning Comission on February 20th to request a Conditional Use Permit to install a broadcast tower at The Peaks in Rogers (the Peaks is best identified by the black-glass, darth-vaderish looking building just of 540 before the New Hope exit; it encompasses the commerical building and residential area behind it). The CUP was approved, and the tower is being relocated from Fayetteville, as well as the studios. The Planning Office was told that KHOG plans to start a joint program with JBU in communications, I suppose allowing internship opportunities in the studio for students. Seems like the TV stations are moving north for some reason. First KNWA opens a brach studio, and now KHOG. But I believe KFSM will stay in Fayetteville, since they are the only station in the market w/ a studio in Ft. Smith.
  21. To a previous poster, I have gotten in touch with the school about the programs my wife & I were interested in, and they seem like they would be good fits. I guess I was just looking for some outisde opinions. The NASPAA accredidation is a bigger deal than I realized when I first applied to MPA programs; you really need to look at those accredited programs if you want some kind of diversity in your classes. My classes at UA feel very repetitive of my undergrad @ UCA. And I would love to live in a house near UALR vs. renting the Lindsey crackerbox I live in here in Fayetteville.
  22. Well, the old indoor practice facility is still pretty much the same. I was in their in October and it still has the artificial turf and stuff -- I'm not sure what it's use is other than athletic functions & a place for the players to stage before running on the field. That part of the BAC could be removed or reworked. I sort of envision a way in which the new seats and the existing builiding are intertwined, perhaps creating a nice new fieldhouse area beneath the new seats, or maybe incorporating the Sports Hall of Fame in to the structure. But, it's not like I have any say, and some of the people in the BAC have offices with a view that I'm sure they wouldn't want to give up (namely, Frank).
  23. Okay folks, I just wanted to let you know that contrary to what you may read in today's paper, the folks working on the Arena Project in Rogers HAVE NOT SUBMITTED ANY PLANS to the Rogers Planning Office. Their attorney stated that they had submitted in the paper, but this is false. They did send us some (poorly done) 3D renderings of what the arena might look like, but they were so poor I probably could duplicate them in MS Paint. The reality of this (at least, the opinion of some of the planners) is that the information was given to try and achieve some free publicity for a project that -- and I hate to be the bearer of bad news -- seems more likely not to happen. We believe the developer may be having trouble getting financing for the project.
  24. Well let me start by saying my theory about expanding the stadium was just that -- a theory. I don't know that they would consider expanding to 100,000. Think about this, though: Even when the stadium doesn't sell out, usually the empty seats are in the upper decks (I was @ every game this year and witnessed this). So, which do you think would sell more seats: 10,000 new seats in the nose-bleed section above the South endzone, or 20,000 more seats at field level in the North endzone? If people can get good seats, they will come. The only downside to the North endzone would be that you couldn't see the jumbo screen. I say, put seats @ field level in the North endzone and install a smaller video screen where the temp seating was at in the South endzone this year! That would be sweet! Although I also like the idea of field-level club seats and boxes.
  25. Looking in to the future, the next project after the Mapel Hill complex is supposed to be the demolition of the Buchannan-Drake & Gladson-Ripley dorms. Those not very familiar with the campus may not know these dorms even exist; they are set on the side of a steep hill below the two "towers", above the athletic campus and frat row. The dorms were originally used by ROTC, then Honors college, and now are housing some students but are well past their age/use. Also, the Walton dorm across from the stadium is slated to come down this summer, and a new athletic dorm complex with be built in its place. Next door, the Sigma Nu house is clos to completion. I also have a sort of crazy theory, but I'll put it out there. Since a new LadyBack softball filed is being built where Carlson Terrace is, the current softball field will probably be razed. I think that the UA might build a new Athletic Administration Complex on that site (conveniently across from the Razorback Foundation office, and next to the indoor practice field) and then deconstruct the current Broyles Athletic Center (now that Broyles is retiring), then enclose the northern side of the stadium making a very nice bowl. Of course, this is all conjecture, and there are probably holes in my idea, but it's just an idea. The Sports Hall of Fame currently in the BAC could be incorporated in to the new part of the stadium. Sound crazy?
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