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  1. Thank you! Enough color for you? (just barely perhaps?) Refelctions that look (deliberately) icy.
  2. December morning at Magnolia
  3. Another beautiful morning at Magnolia
  4. On the road up to Kitt Peak
  5. Saguaro Park West - Tucson
  6. Oro Valley, Tucson Mt. Lemmon, Tucson
  7. sorry, jael, color is so boring
  8. Back to Magnolia for a (finally!) cooler morning
  9. Early Sunday morning at Magnolia Gardens
  10. Sad but true! I want my mountains back!
  11. I just can't deal with the heat here in the summer, now that it is slightly less oppressive I can start getting out and shooting again!
  12. Thank you very much - first thing Sunday morning is the best time there, you can have the place almost to yourself
  13. Barrier island near Georgetown (sorry jael - I can only do so much color)
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