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  1. charleston is a really pretty place to live...by looking at these pictures you remember why you live here. when you walk down the streets of downtown sometimes you have to think what it would be like if we were living in the 1800s when alot of the historical buildings were built.
  2. i am happy to see this project begining to take shape. i am also happy that the city won this one over the preservationist. i am not against preserving the history of charleston, but the preservation groups seem to want to kill every developement proposed. also 105 feet is a lot shorter than the francis marion across the street which i think is 14 stories...so around 150 feet. i would like to see a couple more buildings around that size anchoring the square.
  3. the paper the other day had an article about express bus service starting jan. 22. maybe this could be the test to see if commuter rail is really necessary in charleston. if the express bus service fails, then more than likely a commuter rail system would fail too. i dont know why, but people around here wont leave the cars at home.
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