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  1. The tenant is definitely not At Home. Additionally, the site won't just be 1 tenant. Roughly 100k to a large national retail chain and the other 20k to be separated for smaller tenants.
  2. This is a shotty article at best. It just changes around five people and says they are the possible replacements which is not completely true. Unless something has changed very recently, I know Barbara DeSoer is still very much on that list. I think that just because 5 people's jobs changed does not mean that those 5 are the ones in the running for CEO. This is a huge leap in logic in my opinion.
  3. OK now we are getting closer to agreeing however I think your view is still inaccurate. Lets go back 8 months. After Lehman and Wamu and others of the like failed during late september Wachovia seemed to be the next on the chopping block. I believe Wamu went under on a Thursday and the next shoe to fall would be Wachovia. So over the weekend the treasury, wachovia and the rest of those banks met in NYC to try to broker a deal. The idea was that by Monday they needed to have a deal because over the weekend customers began to make a run on the bank and start to take their money out therefore lowering their ratios and making it insolvent. However, Saturday night/sunday morning there was a deal in place for wells which would buy Wachovia at something around $20 a share. A large investor once again backed out of it so it was nixed. That then left Wachovia scrambling and ended with Citi on monday morning. They (citi) mismanged the deal, so it then became Wells roughly a week later. With all of that being said there was never any idea that as you stated before that the bank "became a responsibility of the taxpayers". Either option is not a taxpayer responsibility. With one they are bought and with another they liquidated. Was Lehman ever a responsibility of taxpayers, because that is what it would have turned out to be. I really don't understand how you justify that argument. Lastly I'd like to just ask again how Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank or any other single politician has any pull or decision making in the banks? And on a side note why would Fleet, a very small fish compared to the greater bank, be in the drivers seat. There were several people from larger deals who it would make more sense would be in line next.
  4. First I'm going to address your points... As far as being insolvent I believe you are talking about the merged wachovia wells bank post TARP. And you are exactly right Wachovia was pre-TARP. So how were they a responsibility to the taxpayer exactly? They had three banks (Santander, Citi, and Wells) at the negotation table with them the weekend before they were bought by Citi. There was no forced interaction there. Only after Wellsovia was born did anyone have to take TARP. Now as for the combined company taking TARP it had nothing to do with insolvency. At that point it was deemed that all banks should take it and therefore they were "forced" to take money to cover them in the case that the wildly flexible market went south and caused ratios to go lower than required... however it never reached that level and therefore they were never insolvent. It was more a risk mitigation strategy on the treasury's behalf. In fact some banks have tried to pay back these loans since getting and many are still not being allowed to. Now to your point perhaps I was putting words in your mouth and that wasn't fair. But the clearly biased opinions you continue to repeat against these "corporate robbers" and big business junkies is almost comical. Additionally, I think I struggle to take your arguments as fair and just when you have such a disrespectful tone to others here on this board (i.e. it would help you got your facts straight on these matters). The arrogance you emote is comparable to that of the bankers you are berating in your comments. Lastly, I was hoping to get your perspective on how barney frank and nancy pelosi have anything to do with the location of these banks and who owns them? That one I am struggling with.
  5. If I understand correctly you feel that the banks, especially BofA and Wellsovia, are to be held solely accountable for the state of the economy. Additionally, because of the debt that the nation, and taxpayers, have taken on from these banks they are going to be at the mercy of its decision makers (congress, treasury, Barney Frank???). However lets not go to far on this bandwagon of the banks are evil. If you talk to people well informed on the issues of last October you would learn that several things were done that haven't necessarily made it public. For example as many have said BofA was virtually forced to purchase ML... Virtually Paulson said you save ML or you save Lehman, becuase we can't have a financial meltdown. Additionally for Wachovia they were trying to act in their shareholders best interest by selling to Wells originally over the weekend for a much larger price than $1 or $7 a share. However a large shareholder at Wells disallowed it at the last minute. But once they could get them at the signifianctly lower price a few days later, they jumped. So Nancy Pelosi has absolutly nothing to do with it, sorry to ruin the conspiracy. Also one last point on the Wellsovia deal, they tried to not take any TARP money at all however they were forced. So should they really be held accountable for burdening the taxpayer becuase of a forced loan? It seems that some on this board have a scapegoat mentality in blaming big business and wall street for everything. While they are at fault for much of this, let't not go overboard in assuming they are the root of all evil here.
  6. OK I was trying to hold off my excitement. But this is just incredible. I could not be happier. What are the bets that this one is LEED? My guess would be silver
  7. So they appear to still be working on the site. You can now click on enter here on the main page... however it just leads to the same advertisement that is in the Wachovia Championship Program. Slow but some movement
  8. Do I see a glass elevator on the side of the tall tower there? The blue strip going up the side? Maybe just wishful thinking.
  9. Thanks for getting back so quick. I am actually not planning the party until October so that is fine. I have looked for a website for BMG or a way to email the people at Ghazi and haven't come up with much. Anyone know a good way to contact either? Thanks again.
  10. OK I was thinking about having a private party downtown and remembered that there is supposed to be a rentable hall space in the epicentre correct? Does anyone know what building that is in and when it is planned to open? Additionally do we know who owns it and perhaps a way to get in touch with them? Thanks in advance.
  11. As I said previously, from the mouth of the developer, Fox Sports grille still occupies the corner of trade and college. He would like to get rid of them but can't because they are under lease. However he has someone else lined up if they back out. Can anyone answer the question of when Whiskey River will open? Last I saw it was slated to open this saturday, 3/1.
  12. So is Whiskey River still slated to be opened this Saturday? It seems like a little bit of a stretch
  13. Fox Sports grill is still under lease. While they are trying to get rid of it, until that happens they are still slated for the corner of College and Trade. Take it fwiw but this is from the horses mouth.
  14. If thats the case then why wouldn't they place it in Raleigh-Durham? They have many more college students, many of whom come from wealthier families then those that attend schools in the Greensboro area, and it is in a much larger metropolis? Something sounds off about this.
  15. Thats a 3 acre park. Only 1.5 of it is over the road. The rest is over land.
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