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  1. I count 7-8 floors. They should be at or about the 8th floor office terrace. This is a significant footprint change for the office component, correct?
  2. Check out the Raleigh version for better context.
  3. Not to derail from Camp North End, but I drove down Atando towards Tryon/36th the other day. You can see straight into Noda proper, I’m a native and didn’t realize the proximity. Atando has some neat industrial buildings still in use and a several beautiful trees. Does anyone else see this becoming the next thrift rd? Here is a shot looking toward Tryon.
  4. Wait. What?!? I moved out of the central area in June and haven’t been through much lately, but I had no idea. I actually liked buffalo, cheesy t-shirts of course, but I found several groovy pairs of boots. I feel like all these vape and cbd shops are all about secretly waiting for ganja to legalize to become official dispensaries.
  5. I heard a rumor that some of the Interior deco/gothic elements, specifically elevator lobby lights and the college street staircase, are being replaced. I’ve not been uptown in months, so I haven’t seen anything directly. Please, someone in the know, so it ain’t so!
  6. A very far fetched thought, but I’ll throw it out there. IF the hotel portion stalls, could FFTC efforts fund the first few floors as some type of live/work workforce housing incubator? Could be temporary or lease-controlled. Maybe an education component or college partnerships. Maybe tourism connection through service industry employees. Same with city/county. Surely, they could build something in a way that could be converted or stripped should the need arise. Again, just thinking out loud. I know this would be controversial, expensive and a beast to govern. I’d love to hear thoughts.
  7. I couldn’t resist. Pasting with an iPad in safari...
  8. I certainly will #typemyconcerns... This is a ridiculous proposal. CCCP has always included the Hall House preservation In their vision plans. I’d love to see it back to BERINGER glory. Check out this one in Sioux City, it’s a casino conversion, but the exterior is similar and the proposed decor is pretty groovy. https://siouxcityjournal.com/news/local/warrior-hotel-project-includes-hotel-theater/article_3858f868-bdf5-5acb-b630-9b0ad9424be2.html
  9. The last pic makes me picture a modern take on the Trust building.
  10. That image is a pipe dream from the cccp 2020 vision plan. Something will happen once North Tryon really gets going. The Little Sugar Creek Greenway came from the 2010 plan. Stonewall development came from the 2020 plan. We shall see, it all comes down to money and the city willing to relocate/rethink transit station options.
  11. Thanks! He lived a long life. He went quickly.
  12. Not Amelie’s, but Buck of Buck’s Heating and Oil + Kelly Tire passed at 90 in late January. That’s a good bit of land and his kids, in their 50s and 60s will likely sell soon. He and my grandmother got married 16 years ago after they both lost their spouses to cancer. Edit: across the street from Neese’s Sausage on Davidson.
  13. Yeah, definitely be careful with artwork photographs. They are very sensitive about copyright.
  14. Let’s stay on topic. I’ve been an avid reader for over a decade and I come for information and pretty pictures. You can argue through DM or Facebook, but not in legit threads.
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