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  1. In other news, Tim Smyre, the owner of 1510 passed away in January. He was a very funny guy and I’ve gotten some awesome deals over the years. That space and Century were once joined. We shall see what happens there.
  2. I noticed leaving the Teeter earlier that fencing has gone up around the Scooter Shop and Viking Imports at Central and Nandina. Haven’t had a chance to do any research, but I’m guessing more multi-family to compliment the site on McClintock (3 quads and ~22 townhomes). Edit: I looked on GIS (iPhone does not offer the same viewing options). Boulevard at Central 1800. It appears to be Faison.
  3. It didn't need the signage at the top, its the address. But that's what we have. The building texture is neat, but I don't think I could walk out on one of those balconies on Caldwell. Edit: 550 is the address on Stonewall.
  4. I was at Peculiar Rabbit. The view was great from the roof. I will say that the service was less than stellar. We didn't actually eat dinner, but an hour to get a water was pretty bad. I made a reservation and the host didnt know about the fireworks. CCCP pulled this out last minute with Regions, but could have promoted better. Good show overall. Nice, loud finale.
  5. That’s great! Now, about that crane? I didn’t see it when I left today. I had a meeting outside of uptown so I left around 2. Is there a base in place? Edited, I was getting excited about all the cranes. I was actually thinking about Bohemian. I did notice Tryon Place aka Ally has a full crane installed.
  6. Keep in mind, North Tryon area has plenty of opportunities for tall buildings. We could end up with a balanced skyline in the end. Side note, the view from a tall coaster at carowinds is pretty impressive with the color variations. Never been brave enough to snap a pic while on one, but the skyline looks great from the SC line.
  7. CLTNative

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Meanwhile, at lunch yesterday...
  8. CLTNative

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    That is too funny. I think I started reading UP around that time... In Tryon Place news, I am pretty sure I can feel the blasts from my building (MLK & Tryon). I never felt 300 like that when I worked above McCormick.
  9. CLTNative

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    Epicentre is a prime example of VE casualty. I remember some pretty cool renderings circa 2005 that looked much more interesting, especially on the outer-facing sides. The light rail was not open yet, but it had a decent interaction with the station. I’ll see if I can find those. At the end of the day, we have the Epicentre as it stands. A facelift would be nice, but likely too expensive to make any dramatic changes. Breaking up Enso could be a very good thing.
  10. CLTNative

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    I found this taller one on Google:
  11. CLTNative

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    That’s Shook Kelley, are they planning on something for that site?
  12. CLTNative

    Brooklyn Village Redevelopment in 2nd Ward

    it already houses King's Kitchen (old SONOMA) and the King's Bakery (former cuban sandwich place of decent size). Aesthetics on the ground floor are fine on Trade, not necessarily Church. It doesnt need that much work on the ground floor. I, personally, like the building as is externally. If they want to upgrade the interior to Class A, all for it. Its a prime location, but I would hate to lose affordable office space right in the center of town. It adds to that entrepreneurial "millennial" focus that planners salivate over.
  13. CLTNative

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    They should add mister fans, like the old days of Carowinds' Wayne's World.
  14. Yes and now there are 3 segments of Shenandoah. I used to live on the obscure section right beside the Briarcreek bridge. That was fun giving directions.