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  1. McQuay & Tuckaseegee looks neat. Appears to include a basketball half court and bleacher seating. Record LDCR-2022-00009
  2. Looks like the Presidents Cup logo? Edit - Another version.
  3. I remember like it was yesterday. It was escorted down 85 from Kings Mountain. https://www.wbtv.com/story/12402977/crews-move-steel-diner-from-kings-mountain-to-charlotte/
  4. The plans available in Accela show the former. Edit: The plans are from 2020.
  5. Does anyone have info on this? I know the Plaza Theater was located where the Wells building currently sits at Central & Plaza. I’ve only found a handful of images. One shows the vertical sign, honored by the teeter’ corner design. image and info: http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/8263 Edit: thanks! @tarhoosier
  6. Copyright issues prevented the project from using the original Eastland Mall sun logo Seriously?? I’m done. I’m a native, from right down the street, growing up off Shamrock. I happen to love the sun logo and would have fought through any ‘copyright issues’ a long forgotten mall could encounter. It’s a good example of appropriate nostalgia like the Queen Park or DQ Eskimo, iconic. from Axios: https://charlotte.axios.com/304620/5-things-to-know-about-the-eastland-redevelopment/ FWIW, I’m also a designer, so I’m partial to the nouveau, illustrative style.
  7. There’s always a helicopter… Edit: Image Src: https://imgur.com/r/Charlotte/8NsPaMx
  8. Does anyone have any good, candid photos of CityFair or any tenants? I found some here: https://ui.charlotte.edu/story/here-and-gone-when-major-buildings-dont-even-make-it-middle-age A Google image search shows:
  9. Link to the new marketing packet from Thrift: http://www.thriftcres.com/wp-content/uploads/Eastern-Federal_Shops-on-7th-_-Retail-Flyer.pdf
  10. Clay Co. has a nice rendering fly-through. I hadn’t seen this before, much better IRL I’m sure. https://claycorp.com/project/centene-east-coast-headquarters
  11. I can’t speak to the other issues, but CCCP was behind the ordinance change that introduced the ‘Newsracks.’ Ironically, the intent was to rid the primary streets of cheap, plastic, multicolored, and often unkempt single-publication boxes (Creative Loafing a main offender). These were often clustered in prime locations, blocking pedestrian flow. See more: https://www.charlottecentercity.org/business/center-city-applications/ So, yes, someone on their internal development team would be the contact. I’ll send a note, others please do the same. The green boxes are underutilized and have been viewed as a public safety concern during large events. They were shrink-wrapped during the DNC for fear of explosives being hidden inside. https://www.charlottecentercity.org/center-city-staff/ Edit: if properly maintained, the street-facing side has hardware for banners/artwork to be displayed. ArtPop is allowed to program this space often.
  12. I had a feeling the shift to Griffin Brothers would be positive. They have played a big role in West End/5-Points and JCSU. For JCSU, there’s the Art Factory (reuse), Mosaic Village, and A&P Farmers Market site. I just found a listing on Loopnet for M2 at 1555 West Trade, new office space beside Mosaic. Photos (pasted from Google search, various sources) Art Factory; https://www.jcsu.edu/about/northwest-corridor-revitalization/arts-factory-in-the-news Mosaic Village: https://www.jcsu.edu/about/northwest-corridor-revitalization/mosaic-village2 1555 West Trade: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1555-W-Trade-St-Charlotte-NC/16621027/ Edit: 5-Points Plaza is now open: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CbNMBKYOgHm/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. You might be on to something…I was digging through clear sky the other day and saw the Spectrum and Morehead St. Tavern parcels have a gallery. Edit, this gallery also features the Morehead storefronts down by Mint. https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2020-09-219-w-morehead-charlotte-nc-hli
  14. Renderings and website for the kickstand hotel, called Refuge. Boutique (5 room) concept in existing building, typical hotel dev to start in 2022. https://charlotte.axios.com/257797/see-renderings-work-begins-on-plaza-midwood-hotel/ (photos from Axios) Website: https://www.refugeoncentral.com C08B25E1-B659-437A-880B-4D2E45D1ED1A.webp 76274C0C-37B8-45AD-BF5D-7EC94C24EE9A.webp 4BEC60DA-FC0B-4154-ABEC-73E9FE49F9DE.webp edit: posted from safari on iPad, images were loaded as attachments. Hope that works.
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