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  1. Be nice if they just went ahead with the demolition. What an eyesore. The walk on that side of the street is going to be quite congested. We walk down from the ballpark area to downtown all the time and when you add this construction to the courtyard, and the other one all the way up on north Main. Good signs!
  2. Does anyone have any insight into the Lynn Area? I work for GE, and I am considering transferring to the Lynn office to be closer to family. Is Lynn a "bad" town? How hard would it be to commute from the city proper? I've read this thread for some insight, but not much was mentioned about Lynn.
  3. Its mentioned in the letter that they give you with your season tickets. A new thing that they started doing this year was if you turned in your tickets ahead of time, you earned credit towards your next year's tickets. its like 4 bucks a seat. I think they do it to try and fill the seats that are often empty, because they resell those seats.
  4. I thought we already had a thread, but I think it was all in this thread and the DPC thread. We definatly need to get some before pictures. this one is going to be HUGE!
  5. I'd also like to see a breakdown like that of before and after the ballpark opened up. But I guess 2007 would contain that as well.
  6. I like having the planned projects that fell through. Keeps a bit of realism to it all. Could always put a bolded "CANCELED" or "ON HOLD" tag before it. Maybe even with a date so we could have a timeline.
  7. Not sure where to put this, but it appears that the restaraunt that was going into the Rocks and Ropes space may not be built after all. I have no details, but the sign has been taken down and the "Available" sign is back up. Did I miss something? anyone have the skinny on this? I was really looking forward to that one.
  8. I'm not sure if Greenville could beat out seattle for the title of Coffee City USA. There is literally a starbucks on every corner in Seattle.
  9. Thats exactly the place I was thinking since there is no built in Coffee shop in the Publix! Would likely get all the publix traffic, as well as the appartments and Staples...
  10. I'm not really looking to open several, just one. and with the influx of Jittery Joes, we may just be passing our saturation point of coffee shops downtown. I thought McBee Station would be a good place for one after it takes off a little.
  11. I hate to say it, but I think if they were going to do that, they would have wanted to buy the land before building McBee Station and jacking up the property value along McBee. If that area is going to continue to be developed, (and I think that it is) its going to be by someone else.
  12. I tried to talk to them (Jittery Joes) about a franchise a few months ago. I guess I was too late.
  13. Greenville Drive add a Kids Club Program... From the season ticket holder's email list: You have asked!! You have requested!! And now it is here, the “2008 Reedy’s Rascals Kids Club”. Once again, we have added another special program for your family here at West End Field from the Greenville Drive. Feel free to pass along this information to other co-workers, employees, friends and families that you think would be interested in joining the Greenville Drive family. Look at the attachment for further information, and if you have any questions after viewing the attachment, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and Thank you in advance!! Membership is $25, and limited to kids under 13. Included is a personalized kids club T-shirt with name and number kids club pennant 1 terrace ticket to to games kids club pre game party player autographs and meet and greet a set of minor league mascot trading cards and the first 100 to join get a reedy rip it bobble head.
  14. I am pretty sure that it used to be a furniture store. Although I may be thinking of the Go Fish space.
  15. Maybe we should call and have us added, or at least try.
  16. I don't think its gone back yet, and its not on the Nov. agenda. Don't think we'll see this one again for a while.
  17. Can someone explain to me why I received a copy of the Journel every week when I lived in Taylors, but now that I live downtown Greenville, I don't? I miss it.
  18. FYI, The Drive will open the Spinx 500 club tomorrow night and will be showing the Redsox game on the TV's and also on the Jumbotron. $1 Dos Equis between 6 and 8. Grill will be open, free admission.
  19. I'll likely swing by a few of the events just to check it out since its so close. I love walking to things.
  20. Welcome aboard Allison. Its nice to have another Central NC'er online.
  21. Also said that the building was basically completely spoken for. Hopefully this will help push it through the city council and the DPC. That really is some prime real estate going to waste.
  22. There really isn't much available right now. Only three I can think of off the top of my head. There's the old Barefoot Store across from the hyatt. Big space and pretty high rent. 718 S. Main, near the American Grocery, next to the Spa is available at a very reasonable rate. One space left in the Bookends. Expensive of course. Of course, there is a lot of space left in McBee Station too. Just not done yet.
  23. I've been to pretty much every game, and like I said, it felt like there are more people there this year than last. Glad to hear that my feeling is right.
  24. The games this year have generally been full. It feels like the attendance is higher this year than last year, which is something. However, there are still a lot of empty "corporate" season ticket seats behind the plate and on the first base side, even for the full games. So the attendance is skewed a little, because they report tickets sold and not gate attendance.
  25. That really was the one remotly workable thing I came up with too actually. But thats a tough market to make a living in.
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