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  1. lbs5015

    UPDATE:New Greenville Restaurants

    Anyone know what the new restaurant is going to be near the intersection of batesville and the parkway between the spinx carwash and the new dentist?
  2. I believe a Bank is being built at the corner. Looks like they are going to divert traffic left(where the back entrance to ACE is and just past the eye doctor there) to a new light at Brushy Creek and remove that portion of hudson road for more space for the bank? Bi-Lo is also constructing a truck access point off of brushy creek to the rear of the store now just past the current intersection so that says to me that there will no longer be an intersection there and all traffic will veer left to a new light. Thats just my interpretation of what I'm seeing could be wrong though.
  3. lbs5015

    Greenville Road Warriors

    Excellent! I've been to one game this season and enjoyed it. It was cool to see some Players from my alma mater RIT. both on the Road Warriors and the Stingrays. Course they change players around to much to keep track. Anyone know what the average attendance has been? meeting expectations, exceeding? Will more then likely be going to a couple more games this season.
  4. lbs5015

    The West End

    Anybody Know what happened to Latitude restaurant near Falls Park, across from Pomegranate? Obviously they went out of business. That's a prime location. Guess I could have put this in the Restaurant thread. But maybe a new restaurant will go in it's place. I had never been to Latitude was the food/service good?
  5. lbs5015

    The Food Thread

    opps sorry about the misspelling. Looking for a Good local non national chain type. Yes I agree we are diverse in restaurant offerings. I would say Greenville does not have a big Asian/Chinese population though.
  6. lbs5015

    The Food Thread

    Anyone know of a good Chinese Restaurant, sit down style. And I'm not talking about your take-out and buffet type places. Not Lieu's Bistro, PF Chengs, Doc Chey's (horrible by the way). some real Chinese food a place that has peeking duck perhaps? I've been to Dragon Den seems to be the best so far but I've had better, it's more of a glorified take-out place. I'm beginning to think Greenville is not diverse enough yet to have real authentic Chinese. Can someone help me out?
  7. lbs5015

    Greenville Transit

    Bus that runs on road and rail. Good use of the rail system, without the expense of full blown trains, stations, etc. I'd like to see something like this in Greenville.
  8. lbs5015

    GSP International

    Frontier Airlines has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. Although it says they are going to keep flying while they "restructure" so maybe they might be able to pull through.,2933,350089,00.html
  9. lbs5015

    Greenville Transit

    Found this Article. Its more for larger city transit systems to speed up buses. But could help if they implement some of these things here now, to avoid issues in the future. But I like the idea of doing away with bus schedules and just having the buses on a frequent bases. and Then have them be tracked by GPS and in the bus shelter or at each stop have a screen with a nice looking map that tracks where buses are so you can tell when the bus will arrive at the stop. Not sure if the ridership numbers warrant a frequency running of the buses say like every 30mins or not though.
  10. lbs5015

    Greenville Skyline

    Maybe Greenville needs a space needle with a rotating restaurant on top.
  11. lbs5015

    The West End

    It used to be a fitness gym, I wouldn't say it was in poor condition but it wasn't going to win any awards, Just looked like a big room with rubber mats and fitness equipment. It was painted white on the outside. nothing that really stood out. The Munchies storefront and colors look much better.
  12. lbs5015

    The West End

    I thought a Bakery for Dogs was originally going to be in that space where Munchies is. They must have realized there isn't too much demand for gourmet dog treats? or is the bakery for dogs going somewhere else?
  13. lbs5015

    CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Magnolia Park Town Center

    Looks good... I wonder if they'll have a little trolley going from parking lot to parking lot and then to stations around the "Town" Kind of reminds me of a resort town or something. Kind of looks like alot of the developments they are building down in Florida in the Bonita Springs area. I wonder if that "Gourmet Grocery" is going to be Trader Joes?? Looks like alot of restaurants! Can't wait for a tennent list.
  14. lbs5015

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    Alittle HDR perhaps? how many exposures? Did you alter Iso, shutter, and aperature for each exposure? or was it just photoshoped? Very cool.
  15. lbs5015

    The Rumor Mill

    Looks like Autoweek thinks VW is going to build in NC. but its not confirmed yet. we should here within 6 months according to the article. Autoweek Article