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  1. I just heard the news about 6 Lanes between I44 and 60 Hwy, they will start work on it in September.
  2. Today, they just voted YES! Hooray for updating Springfield's most congested traffic spots!
  3. I must have missed that part of article. I'm pretty sure, they will vote... I just read blogs in News-Leader, they all agreed with it. They were cheering for extra lanes on 65 HWY, but some of them disapproved on tunnel under the National.
  4. Ohh, I would like to hear about this Kansas Exp Bridge more...
  5. Springfield are going to renewal road work tax this year for 2009 to 2012 Projects. Here what I heard about improvements: WIden 65 HWY 4 lanes to 6 lanes, in two phases from Battllefield to Sunshine Street and Sunshine Street to Chestnut Expressway (Which I think this funds come from Springfield, MoDot statements (2009-2013) that might widen 6 lanes I-44 to Ozark which would pay whole north hwy and south hwy to Ozark) As you know about this Interstate 44 and Kansas Expressway Interchange Improvements which is part of this project. "Diverging diamond" model on National Avenue, and construct an tunnel under National access to the CoxHealth emergency department. (A tunnel under national? One of my eyebrow raised when I read that "beneath" the National road) James River and Campbell Avenue interchange improvements (Phase I).... (Wait, Phase I? Is there another phases?? hmmm interesting... I hope they're part of Republic road too!) Add left-turn lanes and through lanes for traffic on Campbell under the James River Freeway. Also conjunction with new retail development at the southwest corner of the interchange. There are couples other projects too, which is not really big change on roads. So only these roads i put up there are BIG changes. I gotta to let my mom know about National and James River Freeway, so my mom won't go confused about "diverging diamond".
  6. Woot Surprised again! It grabbed me something about it from West Sunshine/Highway 60 Corridor Study for improvement plans between Republic and Springfield's precious road. I didn't expect this one coming, I guess Spfd is greedy then.
  7. At last somebody have been spoke! Kansas Expressway Extension It took me long time wondering if they are actually going to do it! This project is still on hold, like six or seven years ago! Because lack of funding, estimated cost about more than one hundred million dollars!!! Somebody hire new city manager now! Clicky
  8. I took this photo from last winter. I never thought about put it up on. You can click this picture to enlarge the picture.
  9. Yeah, I was surprised that can fit in under the walkway.
  10. Would they do next with phase for three new flyover ramps? I got the feeling that they're not going to do it.
  11. Guess what? No cruise in Downtown starts at this Thursday. I was pissed off about this, how would they do this to us? If we can't find to park our cars??????
  12. I found something really nice picture view of first flyover ramp.
  13. It's ready to go! I want to give this video to "out of city" folks! Hope you will enjoy it! Just click it right away, will automatically play as its open the window.
  14. Alright! It's opens today!!! I'll make a video for you all!!!
  15. slyder1, I saw a couple of pictures from your photobucket album... pulling a girl's hair? LOL
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