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  1. legend2308

    The West End

    Where is this pub located? Is it new? or just being remodeled?
  2. legend2308

    The West End

    There is also one on the left side walking towards the ball park on main coming from the park near the Kitchen store.
  3. I noticed today they started cleaning out the warehouse that was purchased. They had the Bay Doors open and dumpsters places in front of them. They have also all but finished tearing down out the old houses across the street.
  4. I ride by the intersection of Church St. and University Ridge everyday. For about the past week or two they have been working on tearing down an old Auto/Muffler shop and looks like they have torn down a house beside it as well. Looks like they might be clearing out the area to put something new in. Anybody know what might be going on at this site?
  5. legend2308

    The West End

    I saw that sign the other day too. They should hurry up on starting that project. That whole area bounded by Augusta, Church, and the County Offices seemed bad to me, it could use some major help. What kind of people could they get to move in there with the streets in that kind of condition? Has anyone noticed current tenants moving or leaving that area of the West End? Would anyone know if most of them own or rent those houses? I guess what can Greenville do to clean up areas like that in the West End?
  6. I tried to read and search but didn't find anything. When does the Publix plan to open?
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