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  1. I'll post them later this week but this past weekend I got to the new Waterfront Park in Mt Pleasant...I have to say they did a darn fine job w/ it, and I caught quite a nice Red Drum, though I wasn't able to get a good pic of it
  2. Ugh ...why can't these company's have all the money in place when they start building these things? This would look awful for the skyline if this stays like this...hopefully, this gets worked out quickly, so construction can get back on.
  3. Man would that be amazing to have happen, especially now...all Sandlappers will hopefully support this.
  4. That's awesome...my grandparents live in the Seaside Farms area of Mt P...btw, I forgot my camera, but last weekend, I got down to the new park under the bridge on the Mt P side...all I can say is it was very well done...and the fishing pier is fantastic.
  5. Oh wow, that is awesome...I ate at the one in NYC, and wow, that is the best steak I've ever had...nice to see one coming here.
  6. The view from the Southpark Mall parking deck is awesome...I've never really looked at it before b/c I usually park on the surface lot near Dick's Sporting goods, but when I had to park on the roof of the parking deck for the Beer and Bourbon Festival a couple weeks ago, I was stunned at the great view, and very upset that I forgot my camera. I'll have to get back there sometime soon...maybe for one of the concerts that the CSO puts on there at Symphony Park.
  7. I didn't see it mentioned here, but they are now not calling the amphitheater "Charlotte Boutique Amphitheater", but a much better name imo, "Uptown Amphitheater at the Music Factory"....I like that name much better. I can't wait to see how this place does....I have been to the G & G Club once, and when Wet Willies, The Filmore, & Crobar open up, I will go more often, even if I have to drive all th way there instead of taking the Light Rail like I can to go to the Epicentre.
  8. Beautiful Condos along Concord Street, across the street from the SCSPA Admin Building. Norwegian Majesty being boarded...view is from the top of the parking deck off of E Bay Str about a block down from the Market and Custom House. Ondrovic, your pictures are absolutely stunning...I only wish my photographic skills were that good...is their a special type of camera you use?
  9. Hymans Restaraunt on Meeting Street The Vendue Inn and The Library and Rooftop Bar on Vendue Range
  10. Old Townhouses: 20-24 Church Street Typical Charleston Single House at 38 Church Street...notice the earthquake plates between the 2nd and 3rd floor.
  11. Some pictures from last weekend in Downtown Charleston...I took a ton, will post a couple at a time to not slow down the site. Looking east on Broad Street from the intersection of Church Street. Looking north up Church Street towards St Phillips Episcapol Church
  12. Just finished listening to Susan Boyle from British Idol on Youtube singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from my favorite musical, Les Miserables. She was magnificent, and definitely deserves the accolades she's gotten on it.
  13. Hyman's isn't even close to the best seafood in Charleston...no locals ever go there, b/c it's too crowded w/ the tourists...if you want great seafood, around the block is Hank's, which is much better...another great seafood place downtown is Coast Grille, at 39B John Street (near the Music Farm). Another decent seafood place is the Noisy Oyster, and if you must go to a more tourist oriented spot, go to A W Shucks or Bubba Gump, which imo, are better than Hymans. Their are some great seafood places over in Mt Pleasant as well...over there, check out Shem Creek Bar & Grille, or RBs both on Shem Creek, or just a little down the road at a great place called the Red Drum...another great seafood place is on the Isle of Palms, and it's called The Boathouse (awesome sunset views over the Intracoastal). As for the beaches, I prefer the Isle of Palms b/c that is the only beach that has some bars right on the beach, that allow you to walk into off the beach...but Sullivan's Island is very peaceful and much less crowded...Folly Beach is cool but is crowded w/ more young people. Not much is off the beaten path. Angel Oak over on John's Island is I guess, as it's the largest Live Oak in the state I believe...definitely check out one of the plantations...also, the area has some great County Parks...otherwise, walk the streets in the Lower Peninsula, check out Ft Sumter, the SC Aquarium, Waterfront Park, The Battery, The Market (it's not the Old Slave Market, like many people mistakenly believe), and many great old churches and houses. You may be able to get a room for that type of rate at the Downtown Best Western and maybe a couple of other places, but I'm not sure...I think my dad when he visited me down there (My grandparents live there so I stay with them when I go down) stayed at the Ansonhouse Inn on E Bay and may have gotten a room for that...it's a cool hotel in an over 100 yr old warehouse, the rooms have the old exposed brick walls, and huge logs across the ceilings.
  14. You know, at first I too thought they were a bit of a nuissence, but then you think what they could be getting into to try and make a little money, or think what they could be doing w/ that time, and I applaud them...I've gone ahead and bought a couple from them too...they just add to the overall vibe downtown. I like the initiative they show.
  15. I forgot to add, this is one of my favorite restaraunts...all the tourists go to Hyman's, which is ok, but they make the lines entirely too long....Hanks is better, and normally has much shorter waiting times.
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