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  1. Jacksonville Transit

    We definetly need to follow Nashvilles' lead. I really love that idea of using the tracks to connect Fernandina and St Augustine in with central Jax. The 150 acre River City Marketplace on the Northside and the 161 acre Avenues Walk on the Southside would make great TOD's as the rail line runs right across both properties.
  2. 55 West

    2 under construction plus 1 that will just miss the 300' mark. 15 Planned or Approved. I must say, there isn't a large community in Florida that isn't having an incredible development boom.
  3. Jacksonville Transit

    As much as that would be nice, it's inherently cost prohibitive. This is a good middle ground. And if you think this serves no one, you obviously have driven by these locations in a very long time.
  4. Jacksonville Transit

    It would serve them all. At least those along that route. This wouldn't get you from NAS Jax to Regency though as the line doesn't travel near it but it would open access to about 100,000 people within a mile or so of the line that could get to many destinations without a car or dealing with the rising fuel costs.
  5. Jacksonville Transit

    Exactly how much coercing from us would it take to get you to join JTA?
  6. sports in norfolk

    I never once said Norfolk was just Navy nor implied it. I also didn't say it wasn't business friendly, simply that Jacksonville as a consolidated city is easier to do business with than for Norfolk to compete with surrounding cities in landing a large program such as a major league sport. As for development figures I gave, I went by Emporis.
  7. sports in norfolk

    Because MSA's aren't as reflective of the business climate of a city. Simply take a look at downtown Norfolk vs downtown Jax and you'll see what I mean. There are 6 towers under constuction in downtown right now. How many in Norfolk? My point is HR is larger, population wise, but Jax is bigger business wise.
  8. sports in norfolk

    Yes, the CVB president represents the entire sentiments of the 1.4 million Jax MSA. They all have it out for Norfolk.
  9. sports in norfolk

    Nah, no rivalry, though there may be some since we originally lost Cecil to Oceana. I doubt Charlotte will be able to support a 3rd pro team. Las Vegas needs one and can easily support far more so than Charlotte can. HR has the population but it did the exact opposite of Jacksonville. Instead of consolidating, it remained in 7 large pieces. These 7 local governments fight each other for everything. With that kind of hurdle to jump over, sports associations would prefer not to have to deal with all that. That goes for many things that all lead to HR not getting the same recognition as MSA's of similar size.
  10. Jacksonville Transit

    JaxNole, I was at Stanton for the 91-92 school year.
  11. 400,000 sq. feet exhibition space or total? Now how can we talk our city council and mayor and many of the general population that we need one of those in Jacksonville too? 78k of exhibition space just isn't cutting it.
  12. Jacksonville Transit

    Lakelander, can you link us to any info regarding the BRT, it's routes, phases and other info since they are relavent to this potential new hub?
  13. Jacksonville Transit

    They are buying $120 something million in right of way just for that. right now.
  14. Jacksonville Transit

    The sooner the better. Construction prices are far worse in 2-3 years. By then the Southside overpasses will have begun as well. Dual turn lanes or single flyover lanes instead of full blown overpasses would be good. Money saved goes to this Transportation hub and maybe some into funding a new Matthews bridge as well.
  15. Jacksonville Transit

    They need to stop dilly dallying around these projects and get them done. Now is the perfect time to get this one going. Of course Tallahassee would rather spend $127 million on a new Miami parking garage first.