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  1. That makes so much sense to me, wrldcoupe4. That area has a lot of potential for the right developer(s) with a good vision. BTW, check out the member number. Original member here!
  2. Hello, Richmonders. It's been ages since I've been on this forum. I still think North Boulevard will always be the best location for a baseball stadium. I like the idea of a sports district, and that area is prime for development, IMO. I never liked the idea of a stadium in Shockoe Bottom, and Fulton Bottom just doesn't seem right to me either. IF I had to make a second choice for a stadium location, it would be any one of the four quadrants of Midlo/Chippenham. That area could really use a shot in the arm. BUT, no one asked me, it's just my opinion. I am a big believer in regional cooperation, and for other localities to be on board, it would need to be somewhere that is convenient and accessible for as many people as possible.
  3. That is good news for Charlotte! Galyan's is opening their second store in Virginia (their first one is in Fairfax) next Thursday, 9/18/03, in the new Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond. Just last week Dicks opened their third Richmond store in Short Pump Town Center. It will be interesting to compare the stores, but I'm a little surprised that these retailers have so much faith in the Richmond market. How many sneakers and jock straps do people need?
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