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  1. It seems like if NCDOT were to install an HOV lane, It would be on I-40 from the Bus 40 split to "Death Valley", instead of I-85.
  2. I imagine the Randleman Rd interchange dates back to the days when Randleman Rd was still US 220. I agree I don't think it is necessary anymore. I think it should be removed, and the interchange with Elm-Eugene upgraded to a SPUI. Especially now that I-40 is back on it's original alignment.
  3. I think the entire loop should have been signed as I-840. Motorists don't seem to be as confused with I-540 in Raleigh, or I-485 in Charlotte.
  4. They should have put up brick walls similar to the ones on the Beltline in Raleigh, with some sort of low-maintenance evergreen landscaping. When I drive on the stretch near Groometown Rd, I feel like a mouse in a maze.
  5. I didn't notice any lighting on the new freeway. Looks like they could use a few of the tall lights in the interchange of I-40/85 bus 85 near Groometown Rd. It is a nice freeway though, it helps that there is only one interchange between the I-40 bus 40 split, and the I-85 interchange. Another quick point, why not name the freeway to freeway interchanges? ( like the Tom Moreland Interchange in Atlanta).
  6. I totally agree, The whole loop around Greensboro should be I-840, and let the original stay I-40. Also that sign will say Bryan Blvd, which should be renamed Bryan Expy.
  7. I believe that is the Sauratown Mountains in Stokes County that can be seen from there.
  8. I think it could use another lane in each direction, like the stretch of I-40 in Durham, especially with the development starting in the Union Cross Rd area. To me, the vast difference in driver's speeds make it dangerous at times. Many drivers do 80+ in that area, along with the slower cars and semis traveling at or below the speed limit. Some people tend to get impatient behind the slower people and often make unsafe moves in traffic, like cutting other drivers off, tailgating, etc.
  9. The way the two ramps merge together in the last photo looks like a future problem area to me.
  10. There's another sign goof that's been there for a while on I-85 bus/I-40 west just before the Randleman Rd bridge that reads Piedmont Triad Air Port, instead of Airport.
  11. That would be less confusing for a lot of people.
  12. I don't see why they just didn't call the whole loop I-840 , and leave I-40 and 85 as mainline interstates. Also I don't know why they are afraid to name a freeway in Guilford County for what it it is, instead of boulevard. A wide commercial strip comes to mind when I hear boulevard, not an interstate.
  13. Yeah, that plain vanilla box of a building sticks out like a sore thumb, that 1973 design has worn thin. The only building more outdated is the Post Office, if anyone wants to know the orignal look of Friendly Center, just look at that post office.
  14. It still should be reconstructed, the Elm-Eugene interchange should be rebuilt into a S.P.U.I. (Single point urban interchange) similar to the Gallimore Dairy Rd exit. There also needs to be more than one exit lane for US 29 North from Bus85/ I-40 east. Besides, some of those bridges that go over MLK/US 421 are looking pretty ancient.
  15. We may not need a full loop around the city, but I feel that the southern part was needed. It is much safer than the outdated "death valley" stretch. I hope the loop east of Elm-Eugene street stays devoid of the cookie-cutter housing developments, and strip malls, it's nice to see the rural scenery in that area.
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