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  1. It seems like if NCDOT were to install an HOV lane, It would be on I-40 from the Bus 40 split to "Death Valley", instead of I-85.
  2. I think it could use another lane in each direction, like the stretch of I-40 in Durham, especially with the development starting in the Union Cross Rd area. To me, the vast difference in driver's speeds make it dangerous at times. Many drivers do 80+ in that area, along with the slower cars and semis traveling at or below the speed limit. Some people tend to get impatient behind the slower people and often make unsafe moves in traffic, like cutting other drivers off, tailgating, etc.
  3. Yeah, that plain vanilla box of a building sticks out like a sore thumb, that 1973 design has worn thin. The only building more outdated is the Post Office, if anyone wants to know the orignal look of Friendly Center, just look at that post office.
  4. Most people I know only go there to buy tools or appliances anyway. That building does look outdated compared to the rest of Friendly Center, with the exception of the Post Office.
  5. We'll have to come up with a nickname for the new Harris Teeter, since the new one will be bigger than the current "Taj-ma-teeter".
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