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  1. Nice. If they'd just get that cluster of an interchange fixed at 485 and southbound 85 on the west side it will finally be a pretty decent drive. It's amazing to think that at the start of this decade construction hadn't even started on the new Yadkin River bridges.
  2. Try 100 years to never. A greenfield high speed rail corridor in South Carolina? Not in our lifetimes.
  3. It looks like the connector itself is scheduled to start construction around 2021. The rest of the widening southeast of Hendersonville to U.S. 25 has been delayed and is now unfunded in the upcoming 2020-2029 STIP.
  4. I was wondering about this part. Is it really worth the cost for maybe 5-10 minutes saved? On the other hand, would the marketing behind 90-110 mph service! spur increased ridership and demand for more service?
  5. It has probably been discussed many pages back, but what is preventing higher speeds between Charlotte and Greensboro? Many grade crossings have been eliminated, it's double-track and Positive Train Control is (maybe?) in place. Does there have to be more signal upgrades? More track improvements? Or is it Norfolk Southern? I think it was mentioned on here that they'll never allow anything more than 90 mph on shared track.
  6. Also, out of curiosity I wanted to see how high speed rail in Europe compared to a similar distance trip in the states. Paris and Marseille are about 480 miles apart and it's a 3.5 hour trip on the TGV. Raleigh to New York is roughly 500 miles and 10+ hours on Amtrak.... Paris to Lyon/Raleigh to D.C. = 280 miles. It's a 2 hour trip on the TGV. Imagine the impact that would have on the east coast.
  7. So, what's the next logical service for the Piedmont? Late evening train? E.g., RAL>CLT 8:00 PM - 11:10 PM (or later?) Could probably bump up the northbound 78 from Charlotte. I'm assuming it's scheduled to avoid the Silver Star between Cary and Raleigh? That can be avoided at both stations now.
  8. I think capacity on the H-Line between Greensboro and Raleigh is still an issue affecting frequency. Much of that segment is still single-track, and several sidings had to be constructed before the additional frequency could be added. Even with the return of double-track on the main line, you have freight trains running at different speeds and without a schedule. Even with two tracks, it's like a two-lane road. If you get behind a slow truck or you don't have any turn lanes, it's still not a very efficient drive compared to a freeway. I'd rather have fewer frequencies that are reliable than more frequencies that are often delayed. Regarding NS and "precision scheduled railroading," they are about to implement some operational changes. An excerpt from an online article by Trains magazine: I'm not sure how this will impact Charlotte and Linwood, since Charlotte is a local yard, but has seen less traffic recently. I'm not sure about Pomona and Raleigh. They're going to focus on intermodal next year, so who knows what changes are coming.
  9. Just a sampling of "free" highway projects currently under construction or starting soon: I-40 is being widened for 12 miles southeast of Raleigh ($360 M) US 64 Asheboro bypass under construction ($244 M) US 74 Shelby bypass under construction by section (~$250-$300 M) US 17 Pollocksville & Maysville bypass ($143 M) US 70 Havelock bypass later this year ($221 M) I-26 widening southeast of Asheville starts this year ($415 M) I-26 Connector in Asheville expected to start next year ($1 B) I-95 widening starts next year ($700 M+)
  10. Public meeting maps for the I-85 widening are now available. Apparently the new on-ramp from 321 that isn't finished yet is already out-dated.
  11. It's going to be a mess. The Norfolk Southern mainline crosses I-85 three times, twice within about three miles.
  12. I guess now wouldn't be a good time to mention the upcoming widening of I-85 to 321? Public meetings announced for 5/21 and 5/22, but no maps yet. Construction is still a few years off.
  13. Speaking of 485, are there any plans yet to address the one-lane funnel to 85 south on the airport side? I know the left lane drop was recently removed, and there was talk of reducing 85 SB to 3 lanes at the Sam Wilson Rd exit to make room for two lanes from 485. I figured they would happen around the same time.
  14. First, SC started raising their gas tax. Now they're talking about passenger rail? What is this madness?
  15. Based on this schedule from 1964 for the Carolina Special, it looks like Saluda was faster up the mountain than the Old Fort Loops, but a little slower down. These schedules also included a lot more stops than they would today. South North Milepost Biltmore 11:27 16:40 436 Spartanburg 13:55 14:15 503.4 2:28 2:25 67.4 East West Milepost Biltmore 11:30 15:09 436 Valdese 13:44 12:15 504 2:14 2:54 68
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