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  1. That interchange has turned into such a cluster. It seems like any time of the day it is backed up now. There's no way NCDOT can wait until 2027 to start that project (I-6016). It's a shame that the Sam Wilson Rd. overpass is too narrow to accommodate any additional lanes since the structure looks to be in pretty good condition. Are there any plans to relocate the southbound weigh station?
  2. Gotcha. I was aware of the recent downgrading and won't be surprised if/when it is for sale/sold. Just didn't know if it was official yet.
  3. Is the line for sale? Haven't heard or seen that.
  4. Here's a simple solution to make a difference now: raise the flippin' federal gas tax that hasn't been increased in nearly 30 years to compensate for inflation and improved fuel economy. It already exists, you pay for what you use, and WHOA, billions of dollars in additional revenue every year, just-like-that. No new convoluted system that will require years and millions of dollars to study and implement.
  5. If you don't like that, you REALLY won't like that NCDOT spent $6 million to build bridges on a freeway so a one-lane, private gravel road could travel underneath and connect private land to a private equestrian facility (and there's already an overpass a quarter of a mile away). "Economic development" can get you from unfunded to added to the STIP and under construction in less than two months. Yet "there's no money" for other projects.
  6. I can't believe they charge you to drive in a single lane. I guess it works out sometimes, but that has to be incredibly annoying. Wonder how it will be once traffic starts returning to closer to normal? Really think there should be a General Statute or something after this debacle that an existing highway must have three free travel lanes before toll lanes can be considered, and there must be a minimum of two tolled travel lanes, because I don't see this working out in another decade.
  7. Does said I-85 sign pre-date Google Street View imagery? In 2007, the I-85 sign included Durham and Atlanta, and the I-95 sign included Rocky Mount and Miami. They were updated in 2014 or 2015 to only reference Rocky Mount and Durham. Or am I looking at the wrong sign? Miami is a bit of a stretch, but I think VDOT was intentionally trying to emphasize two similarly numbered highways going two very different directions. Everyone knows Miami and Atlanta. Durham and Rocky Mount aren't going to mean anything to snow birds traveling from New York to Florida. I think North Carolina uses too many small, unknown towns as control "cities" on their signs. I was just checking U.S. 74 from Wilmington and west for any reference to Charlotte, and everything is Leland, Whiteville, Lumberton, Rockingham, and Wadesboro. I got turned around once in Greenville at the 264 interchange because the exit says it's for Wilson. Where is Wilson?! I'm trying to get to Raleigh. In my defense, I came out 64 and was going back on 264, so I really had no idea where Wilson was.
  8. NCDOT also handed out $39 million more than expected in employee raises last year, and as of May had paid $600 million in settlements/claims as a result of the unconstitutional Map Act. Total settlements could eventually approach $1 billion. State audit concludes NCDOT improperly spent millions on raises; the agency disagrees Audit: NCDOT overspent hundreds of millions because of poor budgeting and oversight Supreme Court: NCDOT must compensate Map Act property owners for lost market value I can't find the article, but NCDOT has confirmed there will be less maintenance. Grass mowing on major thoroughfares was decreased from six(?) times a year to three(?). They haven't awarded a major highway contract since March since they dropped below their minimum "cash floor."
  9. Not enough Troopers, and the few that are around are usually too busy filling out crash reports to enforce traffic laws. The announcement even said as much and that the Troopers for this crackdown were from neighboring counties. I suspect they may do something similar in Wake soon. A moron going 100+ mph on 64 coming into Raleigh killed himself and two others last week.
  10. Nothing "major," but there are several grade separation projects funded in the State Transportation Improvement Program between Charlotte and Raleigh. Those are likely facing delays due to NCDOT's sharp losses in revenue. You can view a map of STIP projects here to get a better idea of where they are (look for the rail icons). We may see 90 mph one day, but I don't think we'll ever get to 110 mph as long as Norfolk Southern shares the same tracks. As mentioned, high-level boarding would cut a ton of time. As more frequencies are added, it will be interesting to see if an express/limited service is considered. I don't know what the numbers indicate for origins and destinations, but something like Charlotte-Greensboro-Raleigh, or even just Charlotte to Raleigh. I imagine that would cut more time than other expensive upgrades.
  11. Looking at the cars and tires in a Walmart parking lot, I'm amazed that most of them got there and can exceed 35 mph without something falling off.
  12. The Carolinian is canceled until May 4. https://www.ncdot.gov/news/press-releases/Pages/2020/2020-04-03-carolinian-service.aspx
  13. The grant doesn't cover too much, mainly fiber optic installation along the corridor. It does add the final grade separation project in Mooresboro west of Shelby for a complete Charlotte-Asheville freeway. All the other highway projects were already scheduled for construction from state funding, but there will likely be major delays coming soon for all projects.
  14. NCDOT appears to be looking for ways to acquire their portion of the S-Line. An Incremental Service Development Plan will be completed this Spring to identify grant opportunities and the phasing of future improvements. NCDOT Rail Division Update (March 4, 2020)
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