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  1. The wye has been delayed until November. The second platforms at Kannapolis and Salisbury have been delayed until December and March, respectively, due to "external actions" (probably NS whining about something).
  2. Thanks for sharing that. My paternal grandparents moved to Wilmington during the war and my grandfather became a foreman at the shipyard building these. Never really read much into it.
  3. I'm assuming they're putting the second platform directly on track 2 and low-level? This would be a good opportunity to add one or two sidings for the platforms to allow for future triple or quadruple tracking and to not foul the main line, plus the opportunity for high platforms and level-boarding. Could build and open the new platform then rebuild the second a little closer to the station. Oh well.
  4. I'm not aware of any planned double tracking or sidings between Greensboro and Durham, at least in the current STIP. All I can find are a few grade separations near Greensboro and the new station in Hillsborough. A list of draft "statewide mobility" projects for the next STIP should be released at the end of this month, so we'll see if anything new comes up. Still, you're stuck with years of planning and design before anything will happen and NCDOT screws up their budget again and delays their projects another 5-10 years . This stretch is a major bottleneck that is going to delay addition
  5. The wye is tentatively scheduled to be let in August of this year, along with the Kannapolis second platform. The second platform in Salisbury is scheduled for a November let. Can't remember where I read it, but yes, NS needs the wye to eliminate backing into their intermodal yard from the Columbia line, so I'm sure they were more eager to cooperate on this project than some others. https://connect.ncdot.gov/letting/12 Month Tentative Letting Library/12 MONTH LET LIST (JUNE 2021 - MAY 2022).pdf
  6. Search "K5LA" on YouTube. *cough, cough* Who said that? I don't know what that is.
  7. Apparently the contractor on this project (Dragados USA) is the same contractor that caused $800 million in cost overruns on the California High Speed Rail project. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-02-22/california-bullet-train-dragados-design-changes
  8. https://www.amtrak.com/track-your-train.html
  9. It took NCDOT five years to replace two bridges on I-26 over Pond Rd. near Asheville. They're already five years into replacing the Brevard Rd. bridge and widening just over 1 mile of I-26 and they still aren't done with that. I was hoping the "project prioritization," acceleration, etc. they started pushing a decade or so ago for funding projects would make its way over to the construction side, but it hasn't.
  10. That interchange has turned into such a cluster. It seems like any time of the day it is backed up now. There's no way NCDOT can wait until 2027 to start that project (I-6016). It's a shame that the Sam Wilson Rd. overpass is too narrow to accommodate any additional lanes since the structure looks to be in pretty good condition. Are there any plans to relocate the southbound weigh station?
  11. Gotcha. I was aware of the recent downgrading and won't be surprised if/when it is for sale/sold. Just didn't know if it was official yet.
  12. Is the line for sale? Haven't heard or seen that.
  13. Here's a simple solution to make a difference now: raise the flippin' federal gas tax that hasn't been increased in nearly 30 years to compensate for inflation and improved fuel economy. It already exists, you pay for what you use, and WHOA, billions of dollars in additional revenue every year, just-like-that. No new convoluted system that will require years and millions of dollars to study and implement.
  14. If you don't like that, you REALLY won't like that NCDOT spent $6 million to build bridges on a freeway so a one-lane, private gravel road could travel underneath and connect private land to a private equestrian facility (and there's already an overpass a quarter of a mile away). "Economic development" can get you from unfunded to added to the STIP and under construction in less than two months. Yet "there's no money" for other projects.
  15. I can't believe they charge you to drive in a single lane. I guess it works out sometimes, but that has to be incredibly annoying. Wonder how it will be once traffic starts returning to closer to normal? Really think there should be a General Statute or something after this debacle that an existing highway must have three free travel lanes before toll lanes can be considered, and there must be a minimum of two tolled travel lanes, because I don't see this working out in another decade.
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