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  1. All across the city, mostly in more suburban locations... there's lots of instances where one side has them and the other side doesn't, or there's no curb at all on either side. Just curious why it's so inconsistent.
  2. I don't know if this part of the UDO but... why does the city/developers build sidewalks without curbs? I've noticed there's inconsistent use of curbs and I was never clear on why some developers build them and others don't, or when CDOT decides to add sidewalks they sometimes build curbs and other times they don't. I would think curbs add a sense of safety.
  3. Just curious and sorry if it's off topic but... there's still parking lots/decks in Third Ward and low density garden apartments in Fourth Ward. What's the likelihood any of these get converted to higher density/high rise apartments or condos? I agree on needing more housing Uptown.
  4. Nice pictures! Makes me wish they added the spires to the top of The Vue. Weren't they a part of the original renderings back in the day?
  5. So much for public/private partnerships right?
  6. What about turning it into an open air public market like Pike Place in Seattle?
  7. I think it has potential to become retail focused, but agree super high end retail can't be supported by residents here alone - visitors/tourists help that type of retail survive. It could be like an outdoor Brookfield Place or Hudson Yards on a smaller scale. Having high end retail not found anywhere else in the region (outside of Atlanta or DC) plus all the existing dining/bars could make Uptown more of a destination not just for Charlotteans, but also visitors. On the flip side, while it is the largest metro b/w DC and Atlanta, Charlotte is not exactly known as a trend setting fashion hub so it's probably a long shot.
  8. They are actually going to do that? That is music to my ears. I hate the way this currently looks from Trade St. Not inviting at all.
  9. I don't want to be a pessimist but probably stick built 5 story apartments, lol. And they better not tear down that old building on the corner!
  10. Or they could give Graham Street a road diet with wider sidewalks, bike lanes, and street parking
  11. I honestly do not understand the aversion to masks. One reason surgeons wear masks is to prevent spreading any germs to the patient they are operating on. That same logic should apply here.
  12. You'd probably have to build a tall fence around the station and then along the tracks probably 25-50 feet on each side of the station. It wouldn't look pretty, but it would probably mitigate fare jumpers. Would hiring more fare inspectors be worth the cost as well? Unfortunately there's not a lot of good options.
  13. Are the train tracks that cut down the middle abandoned? If so, would be cool if they built some sort of "rail trail" to connect Camp North End to Uptown.
  14. It was working and then all of these states reopened too early and didn't require masks. Don't roll your eyes...
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