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  1. Are they new to the Charlotte market, existing retailers or a mix of both?
  2. SouthPark Mall

    Wasn't Southpark just renovated too? LOL. There are certainly more upscale malls around the country but I never found Southpark or the area to be rundown - it's probably the most upscale it's ever been! Some really bizarre comments on that forum. Hermes is surprising, but maybe they are just slimming down and choosing locations outside of malls. Will be interesting to see what happens with the rumored "urban mall" at the Lincoln Harris development uptown. Maybe we'll see some upscale retailers make a return or choose to open a new Charlotte location there. I'm still extremely surprised that there is no Club Monaco (similar to J. Crew which is popular there) or Zara at this point, not even a rumor of either one. Old Navy really should have been a Zara...
  3. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I saw on the news that they were going to add more direct access points to address complaints, but I haven't seen an article in writing. I don't think the tolls would be such a big issue if NCDOT would also add a general purpose lane. It's really crazy that they cannot find money to add one general purpose from 485 to exit 28... that way it's 3 general purpose lanes and two managed lanes in each direction through the majority of north Mecklenburg. Even though this project will continue to move forward, I have a feeling opponents are going to continue to push for this.
  4. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    The state should still try to find the money to add one general purpose lane in each direction from 485 to exit 28... I was pretty surprised when I saw there weren't any plans to do so. That would probably help satisfy opponents. There's plenty of room in the median within that stretch, and it's not like they need to buy ROW which makes it less costly. Oh well!
  5. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    So I've been following the I-77 express lane issue and I still don't understand how the state can't afford to add one general purpose lane in each direction between 485 and Mooresville? There's plenty of right of way, for the most part. I'm not against HOT lanes, but every highway in a major metro area should have at least 3 general purpose lanes. It just seems crazy to say they can't afford to add one general lane (plus the HOT lanes) when there's room in the median to do so (at least until exit 28). Same for 485 in south Charlotte... there's no reason they can't afford to add one general purpose lane in the median between Rea Road and 74. It really can't be that cost prohibitive... Anyways, what's the chance Charlotte votes against the current plan on 1/20?
  6. SouthPark Mall

    I'd love to see a Club Monaco! Also, does anyone have an update on the Bloomingdales rumor?
  7. Mercedes- Benz to the Triangle?

    And Research Triangle Park isn't a "soul strangling suburban nightmare"? I'd argue it's more spread out than Sandy Springs, and like another poster said, RTP doesn't have direct rail access to the airport...
  8. 210 Trade | EpiCentre

    Would love to see a W hotel. I think it would be a good fit.
  9. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Question - the Blue Line Capacity project is only extending the platforms at 2 stations? And all the stations along the Blue Line Extension to UNCC will be built to accommodate 3 car trains? So what about the rest of the existing stations along the Blue Line? How will 3 car trains run if only 2 stations on the existing line can accommodate them?
  10. SouthPark Mall

    That's an interesting find. ATL has a much lower # and Charlotte has a higher # than I thought. Back to store openings... my only wish is that Zara opens at Southpark one day. It's not too expensive and while some of their stuff is a little out there, they have some good finds every now and then. The more options the better I say!
  11. University City Projects/News

    With the light rail coming, are there plans to build sidewalks along University City Boulevard? I still think the lack of sidewalks around campus is absurd.
  12. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Speaking of cheap, I wish they would get rid of the horrendous "Welcome to Charlotte" NASCAR themed painting on that concrete wall off Josh Birmingham Pkwy. Also, you guys need to post more construction pictures of everything going on around town for those of us who don't live in Charlotte!
  13. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    So I know they are building a new entrance road to Little Rock Rd/I-85 but are there any plans to upgrade the current one from Billy Graham Pkwy? It could use a little freshening up (landscaping, new signs, etc) and the Nascar themed sign painted on that concrete wall is kind of tacky... just sayin'
  14. Remember the days when people took pictures of construction progress?!
  15. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    You guys need to post more photos for those of us not in Charlotte! You can't use the weather as an excuse either!