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    This is a hilarious Star-Wars related Finals guide: http://bostonblueline.blogspot.com/2009/06...cup-finals.html My favorite is C-3PO
  2. Justadude


    For your amusement, the worst plays of the decade: http://bostonblueline.blogspot.com/2008/12...t-10-years.html The Bruins have been red-hot in the East but they seem too young to go all the way. The Sharks are clearly the dominant team in the West but they lack a history of winning in the playoffs (quite the opposite actually...). Maybe this is a year when someone makes a Cinderella run...
  3. Would the new tax revenue not help the project pay for itself? Clearly construction would be delayed by the economic climate, but it seems that this is an easy opportunity for the city to create the most tax-friendly property in the city out of thin air.
  4. ^ Bear in mind that the people who bag your items are under corporate rules, which as far as they are concerned are more important than your personal preferences. They just don't want to deal with their uptight manager chewing them out for not following company rules, and for what they are being paid they're willing to let you leave angry rather than have to deal with the hassle.
  5. For goodness sake, could a casino not find a way to incorporate such visually-striking structures? Silos seem like a perfect starting point for a casino. (sorry for the off-topic)
  6. In Charlotte, the simple fact of survival makes a building historic.
  7. This is excellent news, very forward-thinking to put public meeting places along the line.
  8. ^ Doesn't sound small at all when you put it that way. I would imagine that the market's ability to use its outdoors space will also coincide with the ebb and flow of the growing season, so the times when there is the most available product to sell will also be the times when there is the most available space for vendors. One other benefit of the market is that it should offer a considerable discount on the price of groceries to be found uptown. Another small step in the right direction for middle-class livability in the center city.
  9. 980 sq ft is plenty of space if it's arranged efficiently. There are a lot of little things like hallways and closets that can be cleverly excluded in order to cut back on wasted floorspace. Currently I live in just over 800 sq ft, but have more than enough space for my family of 3 and 2 dogs (literally more than enough -- there's a spare bedroom we only use when hosting guests). It's all about the efficiency of the floorplan.
  10. I wonder how this will interact with the market that currently operates near that site during the summertime?
  11. The farmer's market element is a key addition to that area. It's the kind of thing that can create synergy between multiple destinations -- perhaps a family attending an event at Imaginon will stop by the market to browse while waiting for the Lynx to take them to South End for dinner. It's also a great urban shopping option for residents to be able to grab fresh food on the way home.
  12. I would certainly hope they have parking areas at the endpoints. Eastland and Beatties Ford aren't exactly the most walkable areas of town.
  13. Justadude


    The ownership sucks, but at least the team is doing reasonably well this season. Remember it was only 5 years ago they were winning the conference, until they blew up the roster and gambled badly on the post-lockout scenario.
  14. I was getting ready to say the same thing I have a feeling that most interstate through-traffic drivers would never think to get off 77. It would help immensely if there was an effort at education, especially by using the message boards that we all agree are currently underutilized. A simple message: "Congestion Ahead -- Through Traffic Take Exit XX" might be enough to reduce the length of traffic jams.
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