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  1. I have not heard about anything else, but me and my wife are expecting our first child next month and we are thrilled that there will be more choices. We love Carter's but the current location is HORRIBLE! Anxious to see what all will eventually go in. Exactly what is Gymboree Play & Learn. My wife knows more about these stores than I do.
  2. Yea, I saw in the Murfreesboro Post that they're going to have a Delia's and Gymboree in The Avenue.
  3. You know what, I think all the restaurants are in the second phase. It does not appear as if those buildings are under construction yet, and though they are labeled in the layout they are not in the list of retailers to the left. That would suck!!! Murfreesboro needs more places to dine and quick. Did I hear that Smyrna was getting a Dunkin' Donuts...that's awesome I didn't even know they were still around. Sorry that last part was random!
  4. I notice The Avenue Murfreesboro has been added to their website (theavenuealist.com). It has a layout of the mall and list a few stores previously unanounced, but nothing major. Anyway good to see it on the website!
  5. I agree with Lexy. Can they not have a christian based theme park and give it an original name. I can see this starting out as "Bible Park USA" then selling out to Six Flags about 5 yrs later. But whatever, middle Tennesee needs a theme park somewhere, of some sort!
  6. Wow, did MT finally replace that old scoreboard and put a real jumbotron in? I enjoy MT football games but I would like to see big conference teams come to Murfreesboro to play. I am looking forward to Virginia this year and definately Vanderbilt next year ( that will be fun ). As for baseball, I've only watched two games and while I enjoy them I seem to forget they exist. New stadium looks great though. I wish they would build it in the open field beside the honors college and build a parking garage where the current field is. This would allow for excellent parking for the football field, baseball field and for classes. Come to think of it, I graduated what do I care? The walk will do them good!
  7. According to WSMV's website, the proposed stadium for the Sounds will not be built (atleast not by the current contractor). The article states that Franklin has invited the team to play in there town. What do you think about Murfreesboro trying to get the team. Other cities similar in size have minor leage teams (Jackson, Sevierville, Chattanooga). OK, Chattanooga is quite a bit larger but still. Would this help the city or just add more problems for a city that may be growing to fast as it is.
  8. Bojangles... there was one years ago in front of the the original Wal-Mart (now MAC). I think the building is actually a Mexican restaurant now. Man they had some good biscuits. Oh, and a Krispy Kreme right near the new hotel and mall. That would be sweeeeet!
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