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  1. Man you really broke that post down. All good points, but I think I disagree with some of what you said. I wish I had more time to post, but basically this area is booming and has a great quality of life. Like most other parts of this country when an area is booming it has growing pains, but think about all the new business and industry that has developed here as Raleigh has grown. RTP is one big sprawl park, but would you rather not have it in this area? I agree things need to change somewhat, such as some zoning regs, tax assesments (being every year or every other year), and I do believe developers need to start paying some more towards impact fees. However in a capitalist economy developers are only building what "most" people want. With that being said I agree with a lot of what you actually say, even though it sounds like I probably don't.
  2. It's crazy that it's a newer single family home with only 970 sq. feet. This one is for sale now small house. My house is about 2000 sq. ft, but I'll think you'll find that even though it's close to the airport, this area appriciates much better then most parts of North Raleigh. I like being close to the airport, RTP, downtown Raleigh and downtown Durham. I get the best of all worlds, plus I don't have to worry about highway noise.
  3. I hear what you're saying in the last part of your response, trust me I do. wasn't angry with you and I too apologize if I came off that way The thing is, is that not everybody can live "downtown". Raleigh would not be what it is today if not for it's suburbs. When city's grow like Raleigh has done, it's almost impossible not to build out. Many people don't want to live in Condo's, so the only solution can not be just to build up and not out, although I understand that 99% of the people in this forum wish that is what would happen. I do think the lady in that article was kind of naive for buying a house literally right off of the interstate. I bought my house in a 10 year old, more established surburban neighborhood that is about a half-mile off of 540. I know I live in the suburbs, but I'm not complaining about it. After living "on top" of everyone else up in DC, I kind of like the change in lifestyle a bit, plus I'm only 10-12 miles from downtown Raleigh and Durham so I get the best of both places. I love going downtown, but also like where I live now. You don't have to worry about me complaining about traffic, because within a 50 mile radius of DC traffic is a nightmare. Although Raleigh traffic is only going to get worse and I would like to see more mass transit within the coming years, because in 20-30 years this area could most definately support a rail system.
  4. I live off of Westgate and Leesville roads and I have no problems with the planes overhead. Maybe once a day you hear one that I would consider loud, but I really don't even notcie any difference from anywhere else in the area. I don't know why you think the houses over here are so affordable though? I mean for us they were, because we were coming from the DC area when we bought here last year, but looking all over Raleigh, we found that the area we live in to be more expensive then any other comparable houses we looked at. Now across I-540 from us might have a lot more plane noise, as those people are directly over the flight path. Also why are some people mad at the article mentioning sound barriers? I mean if that woman bought the house in '93 and they told here they would build them when I-540 went up, then doesn't she have a right to be pissed if that never happened? Some people need to take a chill pill...
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