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  1. KickinChicken23

    Cotswold Area Projects

    The new Publix is nice, fresh and new. Lots of parking under the store which is nice. That's about where it ends for us. Upstairs only grocery makes no sense, with elevators just about big enough to squeeze a cart in. The S Blvd store at least has extra large elevators and ground floor entrance. However they scammed us in not completing any improvements to the traffic flow in this area, is really the shame. You are stuck in that block no matter how you try to get out of the lot. No way to make a left turn back towards Sharon Amity except at the light that goes to Harris Teeter/Smashburger.
  2. KickinChicken23

    Cotswold Area Projects

    Is there any ground level shopping at this Publix? It sure doesn't look like it from the outside. Seems like an odd concept to have to take stairs or an elevator anytime you want to shop.
  3. KickinChicken23

    Cotswold Area Projects

    Looking good. Sign says coming this spring. That's not far away....
  4. KickinChicken23

    Charlotte Bike / Scooter Sharing

    Walked through Uptown last weekend and before I even said it the wife commented how junky the city looks with these bikes just parked all over the place. Its not a good look, there's certainly a better system than just let people leave them wherever they want in whatever condition they want. More biking = good Bikes sitting everywhere to look like kids left them in their parents yard = bad
  5. That's great, love seeing this area develop. It seems like 20 years I've been hearing about the plans for the area, but truly the work has just gotten underway and I expect lots of new things to continue. If I think about what the Music factory looks like in 2006 vs what it is today, this NorthEnd area has a lot of potential to spur on this area. I have start ups I would love to move in over there before prices get too high
  6. KickinChicken23

    SouthEnd "Gold District"

    Absolutely, with the density in this area and so many people living there, it will be everything they want. The establishments already in place are doing very well and it is just continuing to grow and add more people to live there. As long as Charlotte continues to grow the way it is, this area is going to see a boom.
  7. KickinChicken23

    NC Music Factory / Uptown Village / Deco One

    The Cadence apartments look pretty good both up close and as you go by crossing on 277. But I'm not sure there could be a worse name for a set of apartments than Cadence. Very well may have tried to make it the worst possible music related name that makes absolutely no sense.
  8. KickinChicken23

    Cotswold Area Projects

    I think as we have started discussing this there has been some pretty good movement on Publix recently. This weekend I noticed the exterior sheeting going up and some activity on sight. Seems like this particular Publix is in an area that could use a competitor to the existing Harris Teeter and the awful Cotswold Village parking lot. It will do well in this high traffic very congested area. Plenty of shoppers for two higher end groceries in the area. On the Teeter topic, the new Bar inside didn't have an empty seat Friday at 4pm. I am impressed with how busy it is every time I am there. Good addition
  9. KickinChicken23

    Cotswold Area Projects

    Couldn't agree more. It has hardly moved for the last 2 months. Its definitely going to be in 2018, I bet summer!
  10. KickinChicken23

    Montford Drive

    Finally!! That Southside has been a waste of space for years. This hopefully helps the parking situation as well.
  11. KickinChicken23

    Cotswold Area Projects

    Topic Derailed, hopefully back to discussion. I know I wouldn't like to see my children attend a poorly rated school when I paid in large part to buy and live in the Cotswold Elementary, AG, Myers Park district. Maybe this type of change will make the Billingsville school inherit teachers from Cotswold. Or would they choose not to teach there based on new demographics in their classes? We shall see if it is approved. How about that new Publix!
  12. KickinChicken23

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Part of me really enjoyed the look of this mural when it was half done, and partly just outlined. But I do love this Mural now that its complete and this little section of Monroe road as it grows.
  13. KickinChicken23

    Cotswold Area Projects

    I saw the Publix progress this weekend too, those are good shots of where it stands at the moment. The thing that hit me is how big this project is compared to the surrounding. Aside from the Sonic office, everything else in this area between Colwick and Randolph is currently one story or dirt waiting to be developed. Hoping this is going to drive additional development on that side of Randolph to at least some 2 story growth(a La Sharon Corners over in South Park). Where Shun Lee and Domino's currently sit seem ripe to go next. That type of set up would be great for adding better options for businesses to fill in this area up top and some additional retail or restaurants below. It may all be dependent on how they rework the traffic flow over here, but there should be a significant amount of folks like me who hope to never cross Randolph again for Groceries or a beer.
  14. KickinChicken23

    Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)

    At Jack's on their last weekend, the owner indicated it was going to be there with the Rabbit hole. I don't think that music venue is going anywhere, if anything it should get even better with Jacks there too. Jack Straws which eventually became Jacks was a great music venue once. Anyone have any word on where Hare of the Dog is headed? I heard they were opening up somewhere else.
  15. KickinChicken23

    Cotswold Area Projects

    Can't wait for this Publix. Anything that will add to the parking in this area is welcome. And Personally if this allows me to avoid the Cotswold Shopping Ctr parking lot, it will be worth its weight in gold.