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  1. Does the office building have a name yet? Bank of America....
  2. ^ related to that...this monday parks and recks started building a new soccer field out in ballantyne at the morrison YMCA. they are also building a new track at the community house middle school.
  3. It seems not since the city has already invested $50,000 to get a consultant onto this project. That would seem to me like they are very serious about creating some link between Uptown and South End. We all know this is a vital link to the city as both areas of the city continue to grow.
  4. I also think the fix is in the merge lanes at 51. If they were to simply extend it to 51 then a ton of traffic would be taken off the road. Most of the traffic now comes from that exit at 51 (and the line of cars waiting to enter the freeway can line a mile and a half down 51 at times). If they add a lane to Johnston then the problems will only move to Johnston Road and that section of 485. That left turn lane from 521 to 485 will see a massive increase in traffic as a result. As will the traffic exiting at Rea and Providence.
  5. I'm not talking about the actual number of lanes. I agree that there need to be more lanes out there. However, making the lanes that wide and expecting people to stick to a 45 mph speed limit is just stupid planning. Is it any wonder why nothing fronts Providence Road after Olde Providence Road? The lane widths are so wide and people go 65+ through the section on a regular basis, not a good urban planning policy for that area of town.
  6. With the focus of America becoming more and more on cities and the importance of the service and information industry that exists within these cities, there should be NO push to put every soul that lives 500 miles away from these cities within a mile of a 4 lane divided highway. These people have been getting along fine for a long time with driving on the 2 lane roads that get their goods to the city. I agree with some of the roads, but the number of roads that NC is currently building is just crazy. We should link up our ports to the piedmont and then focous on the roads within the cities.
  7. ^^ unless it became "Trump Presents First Ward" with a tall tower and everything built at once by Trump. That's not going to happen. Too much space would come onto the market, even if phased in.
  8. Has anybody seen the design for the new extension of Providence Road past 485? Is it going to be the near freeway size of the Providence Road past Old Providence (or like Rea)? If so it seems crazy to place speed limits of 45 and then give people lanes that are 1.6 times the width of their SUV. I think the state should build normal lane widths and add a bicycle lane on the side for that 'extra' lane width when it is needed for super large trucks or breakdowns. The current design of this road is not a good one and just seems extreemly wasteful for NC road spending.
  9. Nope! I would not want that to smash on my car! In the 12:53PM view today you can see the HVAC unit suspended in the air. It is rather cool how they can just pick that thing up and drop it into place on College Street like that.
  10. Do they have an extended boom on the top of that crane? It appears that they do from the 210 trade webcam. If they dont, it does not appear that the crane has enough reach to pull those HVAC units off the top of that building. EDIT: The 210 trade camera updated and it appears that they are going for the HVAC units. Will this project get a webcam?
  11. Well with 900k of shopping at this development, it will be hard to compete. That's like adding Stonecrest and the Arbo in south Charlotte together. Or 2x University Place. That's just a TON of retail space in one area.
  12. Why are they going to build it so far away from the rail line? That does not make good sense when trying to promote transit. If they build it that far away that would almost kill any opportunity to build that amount of retail closer to the rail line.
  13. Does the Gold Rush extend that far into the Elizabeth district? If so, they could increase frequency during games and you would have a complete shuttle on the rail line from either direction to the games. Problem solved. I'm curious to know the result of the survey!
  14. With the political forces in the Charlotte area, there is no chance the area will fund a sports venue for UNCC. The next thing to be built is the baseball field and after that I do not think anything else has a chance of being built. I wonder what the possibility of upgrading Memorial stadium would be? I'm rather opposed to building a new stadium for a team. Unlike most of the other football schools, there is not a huge population of UNCC students living on campus that would walk to games. I think it would be a better idea to look into other sites they could use (a deal with BofA) or something of the sort to get the best money out of the situation. And, like I said, since it is a cummuter school, people really do not mind driving that much futher intown. Also, with the light rail, you could pre-game at UNCC, take the light rail down, transfer to a midtown location, and stay wasted the entire time (this is college). I'd assume that we would not have a team, or a venue before light rail in in the NE starts up to some degree, so that would add an interesting thing to it. You could also have CATS busses run express service from the campus to the venue. UNCC has very large commuter lots and decks for cars.
  15. Anybody know what all that pipe work on College Street is for? It looks rather permanent.
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