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  1. That neighboorhood is a real dump and needs to be flattened. Some of the streets back there in the mid-90s were not even paved (e.g. Waco Street). I hope those apartments facing Midtown Square get bulldozed too.
  2. And another thing... it's going to be real, REAL difficult for some of these out of town developers to round up the necessary materials, let alone the skilled construction crews to get their projects built. In one year, the MGM-Mirage $5-10 billion Project City Center is going to take 7,000 skilled workers off the market through the end of the decade (that's like 1/3 to 1/2 of the city's skilled workforce). Yikes!
  3. Yes, this and the other projects between UNLV and the Stip are going to turn the Harmon Ave. corridor into the new hip spot in Vegas. Right next door are the planned $1-2 billion Hard Rock expansion as well as a $1.7 billion flagship W hotel. Throw in the three 40 story towers on the MGM Grand property (with room for 3 more) and you have quite the east-west skyline developing at the south end of the stip. Just one problem with these condo resorts though.... 60-70% of the units are bought by investors who never step foot in them. The three Turnberry Towers on the north end of the Strip have been open for about 2 years now, yet roughly half of their rooms sit vacant and unfurbished even. Sure they have all been paid for, but a building isn't anything special without its inhabitants. Most of these structures will sit dark and ugly at night.
  4. The Cosmopolitan, a hotel-casino project just south of the Bellagio is about to begin construction. Plans call for two 600' towers, 3000 rooms.... and get this, a $1,800,000,000.00 price tag!!! O yeah, and it's only going to sit on 8.5 acres with a nifty little 3,800-space underground garage below. see jazzman's website for a photo http://www.vegastodayandtomorrow.com/cosmo.htm ... this has got to be one of the most expensive buildings (for it's size) in the world
  5. nice article in the LV Review Journal on just who's buying up all these condo highrises... Just who is buying luxury condos?
  6. jazzman, you've been putting a lot of work into that website no doubt. looks great!
  7. OE-305

    The Vue

    college kids will be, well... college kids!
  8. Is this the Colfax line? That's the one I used when I was in Denver last. Also, it will be GREAT to have commuter rail to Boulder IMO.
  9. Wow, Denver is a really beautiful city! Keep up the good work DenverInfill Question... that light rail line on the NW side of town by the Union Station looks like it's out there all by itself. Are they going to run a light rail/trolley down 16th street mall to connect it with the other lines? Also, will the current bus depot near the clocktower be relocated?
  10. Nooo, not the Ho! Its kinda sad that all the old gritty joints are going bye bye. I guess I'll have to head over there soon for one of there famous 1/2 lb hot dogs for 99 cents!!! I wonder if the multimillion dollar (maybe billion) development will sell 99 cent dogs Another developmet announcment concerning the 5 billion MGM Mirage CityCenter planned for Harmon Ave and the Stip. http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/200...ss/3388080.html Its funny how no one really visits the USA West section of UP, yet there are plenty of things going on out here. I bet the UP posters in Charlotte would be jumping out of their office windows if ever there was a development of this magnitude (or at least something approaching 1,000,000,000.00) uptown. Its all good though!
  11. The first of three planned 40 story condo towers at the MGM Grand property is almost topped out with the second one about 7-8 stories up. (image courtesy of LV-Review Journal) The third on has also begun excavation work this week. http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/200...ss/3264249.html
  12. my head is spinning from all the billion dollar announcments recently... this was in the LV-Review Journal today Las Ramblas - 3 billion mixed village on Harmon Ave An eclectic team of investers (including Goorge Clooney) plan to bring a $3 billion mixed use development to Harmon Avenue between the planned $1.7 billion W hotel and the $1 billion Hard Rock expansion. Details are sketchy, but it would sit on approx. 25 acres and include 11 separate buildings, 4,000 hotel rooms and an undisclosed number of condos. Construction is to start mid-2006 and finish 2008.
  13. MGM Mirage's $10 Billion "Project CityCenter" between the Monte Carlo and Bellagio (Harmon & Las Vegas Blvd.) has begun! Work gets humming for Project CityCenter Some facts about this project: "the largest privately funded building project ever in the United States with a construction value of $5 billion" 66 acre parcel 10,000 residental units 5,000+ hotel rooms 6,300 trade construction workers (an estimated 1/3 of the city's capacity!!!) at the peak of construction will eventually employ 12,000 (remember Steve Wynn's rule, for every gaming job created, two are instiantly created to service those people in some way, and each person who moves hear for those now 36,000 jobs will bring another 2-3 people in their family.... basically 72-108,000 people will move to Vegas because of this project alone!!!)
  14. I hear that a lot of the drivers and crews consider Charlotte as their "Hollywood" because of its deep roots here. I think the (Darrel?) Waltrip announcer on Fox said this about his fellow drivers. yeah, it has to go in Charlotte.
  15. ... and the beat goes on.... W hotel takes Sin City spin It seems that the W hotel is planning a 1.7 billion dollar "flagship" hotel/condo complex on 24 acres at Harmon and Koval (between the Hard Rock and the strip). Talk about incredible, the Harmon corridor on either side of the stip currently has 20 billion worth of development down the pipeline before the end of the decade!!! (although some of the stuff mentioned in the article is actually off Flamingo). Just for reference, the Bellagio cost about the same to build back in 1997, but on much more land. A rendering was not released, though if anyone has access to it please post for us.
  16. OE-305

    The Vue

    Me too. ... and yes, I remember being scared as crap during Hugo. I had heard that it did break some windows downtown but didn't know it was that bad.
  17. OE-305

    The Vue

    Great link A2 (I guess I was forming my question when you posted it b/c it pretty much answered my question too). So this tower will be pretty stiff I imagine. Should not be a problem though b/c we don't usually get high winds to make the building sway, nor should there be a big threat from earthquakes in CLT. What is the lifespan of these tunnel form buildings? Hopefully it won't crack like the concrete floors of my old Hinton James Dorm at UNC after just 40 years
  18. OE-305

    The Vue

    So does this type of constuction mean that the building will not have the massive web of steal beams supporting it like the office buildings commonly do? Just curious.
  19. Two more stories about yesterdays' unveiling of Donald's and Ivana's competing condo projects... Living the high life, Trump style The Donald's ex-wife plans Ivana Las Vegas condominiums
  20. The Donald was in town today for the groundbreaking of the Trump International Hotel tower, his first(?) major foray into the Las Vegas condo/hotel market. With project's start, Trump's time has come Nice building, but ungodly expensive I was driving down the DI (Desert Inn Road) the other day and thought this tower (and it's companion) will look absoutely stunning from the west and even from I-15 going north and south when built. Perhaps I'll venture out and take some pics of all the new buildings being constructed in Vegas once this heat wave relaxes a bit ...
  21. Three words why I think it belongs in Charlotte: Days of Thunder Okay, so not the best film ever made, but it pays lots of homage to Charlotte, the smaller tracks in Tenn, NC, SC and Daytona. If Tom Cruise can convince Nicole Kidman to move to the "North Carolina countryside" then surely that means we're blessed right? Also, did City Chevrolet really use to exist downtown?
  22. There was an article in the LV-Review Journal today about Donald and Ivana Trump's competing projects. Donald's project will break ground this Tuesday, July 12, while Ivana will hold a kick-off for real estate agents that same day in the Bellagio (can we say friction between the two). Duel in the Desert Donald's project: Two identical 64 story gold towers behind the New Frontier Hotel & Casino - 1200 units in the first one (not sure about the second one) Ivana's project: One 80-story tower on the corner of the Strip and Sahara with about 900 units.
  23. This morning I noticed a billboard in Henderson (Vegas' southeastern burb and second largest city in Nevada) advertising a new mid-rise condo tower... I'll try to get a pic and post it b/c I don't think its listed on Emporis. If its going in where I think it is (on the lot with the sign at Lake Mead Pkwy and Water St.) then it will be a horrible site. Across the street is the Basic Manganese plant which happens to be one of the worst brownfield sites in America.
  24. It was reported in the LV-Review Journal today that the long anticipated, 64-story Trump International Hotel will break ground July 12. Article This development will add approximately 1,282 (overpriced) units to the Northern Strip across from Wynn.
  25. I hope they keep the old trellis Midtown Square sign (above). I think it's kinda cool in a nostalgic kind of way.
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