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  1. Maybe a Bank of Antigua branch?
  2. Yes, the EpiCentre turned into a real trainwreck. As it turns out it was not developed by the Cordish Co., the folks responsible for the KC Power & Light entertainment project, the under-development Ballpark Village in St. Louis as well as similar 'entertainment districts' throughout the country and by most accounts fairly exclusionary in their operating practices. I'll be watching if that name comes up during the BOB project.
  3. No, I thought there was a mention of the EpiCentre. Probably another hallucination on my part...
  4. Lest I be accused of piddling in everyone's Wheaties during this 'Faust-like' celebration, I'd be remiss if I didn't offer a mention about onsite parking in high-rise residential projects by way of a short story. A few weeks ago I replied to a question on a similar type urban life forum (rhymes with Gritty-Bata) The post was from someone who was giving serious consideration to relocating to a downtown high-rise. He asked what kinds of lifestyle changes he could expect going from the burbs to downtown livin'. I felt somewhat qualified to offer an opinion based on owning that kind of property in Portland for some fifteen years, and recently acquiring a place in the city he was asking about. I told him the first thing you need to come to terms with is everything you do venturing out will take twice as long as it does in a single family home. Three sets of doors each way,wearing enough clothes not to scare the neighbors in the hallway, elevators that need hailing, parking ramps and garage access to negotiate, etc. etc. This is in the best of worlds with (if you're lucky) your parking spot steps away from the elevator. Getting groceries in and out of the car, even just popping down to a place that is too far to walk turns into a bit of an excursion. Not insurmountable, but far more tedious than strolling out to your attached garage in a single family home. Even in city such as Portland that has tremendous mass transit infrastructure and vibrant commercial goods and services available often just blocks away, even in a town cited as a model for new urbanism the sad fact remains you need a set a wheels to get around and how handy those wheels are to get at matters. Lots. I don't like garages any more than anyone else, but unless the developers can persuade someone who cut a six figure check for a condo that it's no big deal to sashay down to your offsite parking spot at O-Dark hundred in mid-January while it's five below, it seems there's a disconnect between developing (and I'll include the Parking Commission) and residing. Also, as long as I'm no doubt being pegged as a 'hater', am I to understand the entertainment portion of this will be developed by the same folks responsible for the similar project found in Charlotte? Anyone been down there lately? I visited a few years ago and it appeared the shine was coming off the apple. Perhaps things have changed but as I understand it, like so many concocted hot spots (such as in Kansas City and others) in the fever to make it nice, clean and family friendly, the soul (if there ever was one) was sucked out, leaving little more than a typical suburban strip mall in a different configuration. YMMV
  5. I can unequivocally tell you, as drawn, the parking element wouldn't make it past first base in Portland. Nor would the street level bunker at Icon on Bond. Just sayin'...
  6. Clearly the fellow wearing the black T-shirt and appearing to be taking a photograph of the building in each rendering seems to LOVE it.
  7. Kib


    Hard to go wrong with a meal at Jake's, huh? What I though was brilliant about this project was the tie-in with the concert hall. Granted, their both under the same corporate umbrella, but that's one thing I guess I don't see a lot around here are tie-in's and synergies baked in the cake of doing a project. Everyone's acting as a freelancer, if there's any complimentary development, it seems to occur by happenstance. Case in point, while there's been parallel development up where all the hospitals are, I'm really surprised restaurants, lodging and all the other things that go along with having hundreds of workers and thousands of visitors gravitate to a particular district not being brought into the fold early on and integral to the whole. Seems odd.
  8. Kib


    Don't be so sure... Crystal Hotel This was perhaps the most notorious gay bathhouse north of San Francisco for many, many years. Casting aside any simplistic generalizations of the lifestyle, there was some honest to goodness, world-class hedonistic behavior going on there for a good long time. Issues of Mycology and Entomology were the least of this properties problems: From the Seedy History Files: [EDIT: Fairly NSFW] However from all accounts, the property appear to be one of the hottest places to stay in the city. PDX Busines Journal Blogtown Never underestimate the power of a good idea, a good development team and a good contractor.
  9. It's deja vu all over again. High art, high stakes and hiijinks (BTW - Didn't I see that GW Bush pixelated piece at the BOB last year?)
  10. I, for one, welcome our new Lettuce Wrap and Honey Shrimp overlords...
  11. Maybe a Neiman Marcus with a Luby's inside if you get a hankerin' for a platter with two sides? (Snarky comments aside, I would think there would be some contractual stipulations between the developer and tenants regarding adjoining businesses, or did that sort of thing go by the wayside in lieu of just getting the papers signed these days?)
  12. Is the pattern for demographics on those four corners that there is no pattern?
  13. I wonder how much that cost them? (and by them, I mean us, in passed along food pricing)
  14. Yeah, he appears to be direct from central casting when the call went out for "bulls*it artist" [DISCLAIMER: My crackerjack legal team requires me to state that "Jack" may in fact be a solid, outstanding citizen of our community, kind to small animals and gives generously to charitable organizations. The quality of his products and workmanship may be as celestial as mere humans could hope to render. The mustache appears to be real and makes him a damn handsome fellow. Thank you on behalf of my lawyers.]
  15. ABSOLUTELY One of the problems with the AA Art Fair is the work is a mile wide, but an inch deep. There were many pieces shown here that wouldn't have made the light of day in AA because they weren't commercial enough. Three words: No Funnel Cakes
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