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  1. UConn seems to be throwing a fit about the new deal since they can’t sell their basketball rights locally.
  2. Josh Robbins from the Athletic has an article about the magic and the possibility they will be building a new training facility already.
  3. I would describe the citrus bowl as a nice college stadium. It’s well below NFL caliber compared to the three in state stadiums but not awful. The lower bowl is decent since it was remodeled and the amenities are acceptable. Compared to Atlanta it’s little league quality imo. That place is at a level well above anything in Florida and very fan friendly. That’s what 2 billion dollars gets you though. I wouldn’t put a lot more into construction of this facility beyond the most recent proposal. If we ever get an NFL team they will want a brand new facility with amenities that will dwarf what’s possible at the citrus bowl. The citrus bowl would make a nice temporary home.
  4. My last trip for a sporting event I visited 4 museums. Must not be the typical fan lol
  5. Option #1 of course should be to expand the existing location. Not going to argue that point at all. It’s great to have the OMA in tandem with the science center. I recently visited the art museums in both Phoenix and Denver. Both were high quality and much nicer than what we have here. Denver’s in particular had a very kid friendly feel with art supplies in every gallery. I didn’t care for the modern exterior much but they made the most of their limited collection.
  6. Bumping this up with news they might move to Lake Nona. OBJ has a quote from the director saying they essentially can’t find an acceptable location downtown. Hard to believe that a site couldn’t be found. Thinking of where I’d like to see it downtown: - The corner of Rosalind ave and central on lake eola. Purchase would be required of that property but a Eola lakefront site would be beautiful. - Replace bob carr with the art museum. Close to public transportation and would fit in with creative village. - convert one of the parking lots on central near i4 or Orlando city stadium that the city already owns.
  7. If we can come up with 30 million + for the citrus bowl enhancements we should be able to support funding a downtown location. Tourists actually visit museums year round.
  8. Love the willingness to donate but Lake Nona isn’t the location I’d want to see this built. This should be in downtown Orlando near the Dr. Phillips Center or build a large addition to its current location.
  9. Really hoping that food hall being discussed happens. It’ll have the right mix of parking and walk ability to be successful.
  10. From that article on how Denver’s train came to be this paragraph is so accurate today. “A Lyft spokeswoman said her company is talking with transit agencies across the country to figure out how Lyft can be a “last mile” solution — that is, providing the link between people’s homes to the nearest transit stop. “ Once in downtown it was just an $8 Uber ride to my hotel after an $11 train ride. Airport doors to my hotel for $20 was very easy and lasted about 45 minutes total.
  11. Having just visited Denver, their new CU rail line from the airport to downtown central station is something I wish Orlando had. Train was full of locals and tourists and ran every 15 minutes during the day and 30 at night until 2 am. Central Station also had a boutique hotel and several great stores / food options.
  12. Doesn’t the owner of this project also own property across the street on Virginia Ave?
  13. Kaz

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    I couldn’t imagine a worse spot to put this logistically in metro Orlando aside from Poinciana. The players all live north of Orlando from what I’ve read. Aside from the land, I wonder what the county is providing them.
  14. Kaz

    Creative Village

    Seems the link to the UCF camera stream has been taken down or changed. Any one have the new link?
  15. “The Green District “ .... wow! http://www.growthspotter.com/news/downtown-orlando-developments/gs-greentree-readies-plan-for-300m-infill-redevelopment-next-to-amway-center-20180912-story.html
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