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  1. Don't forget some of the great places that are (fairly) new to enjoy a good beer and focused on good beer... Liberty (little bit older than 1/11) Growlers in Noda VBGB Second location of Common Market (South End) Vintner in Arboretum ..and a focus in a lot of newer restaurants on local and craft beers (thinking Smalls, The Q downtown, even the Park Lanes upfit is supposed to have 30+ beers on tap)
  2. I made it out there Saturday. Crowded for a soft opening - they were at capacity and we had to wait in line (around 11:15) - nice place inside, nicer than I thought - lots of bars - behind the main bar it looked like tables/bottle service, which I also didn't expect in this place. I sort of expected a bigger buckhead, but it didn't have that feel at all - felt more like CANS or Alley Cat inside, but smaller than both of them -
  3. That's great! I used the McMullen Creek greenway while training for a marathon - It got a bit boring to do 12+ mile runs though since you would have to go back and forth. Excited to hear about this.
  4. The other way to read this would be -- A writer from somewhere else mistook Charlotte's passion for our team for boredom.
  5. They're building a Saks at LKN because of demographics. While I am all for retail uptown - who wants to be the exec at a large dept store to take that gamble? The demographics of Cornelius are far superior to uptown I'm sure - esp if you go into a 1,3,5 mile radius. I think the catalyst for downtown retail needs to be - a) more completed condo towers to increase demographics and population and b) proven success starting with something like a bookstore or a smaller shop that can prove people will buy... give the midtown stores some time to establish a proven track record as well. Anyway
  6. Las Ramblas on Park Rd has excellent Tapas, great date place if you want to continue ordering/trying/sharing some new things. 300 East is also in the Dilworth area (near Sullivans) you mentioned and is reasonably priced with a cosy atmosphere that's more upscale than a bar but not stuffy. As for the sushi - Crudo at Customshop takes the cake for raw-fish, but strictly sushi - Nikko, followed by Sushi 101 - Ru San is good if you like colorful and fried rolls, but the fish itself is not the best...
  7. Wondering if the Avenue E concept or even name has something to do with the Grubb Elizabeth project?
  8. Check out lucky strike in NYC.... more of a lounge with bowling than a bowling alley...
  9. There's a PJs in Atlantic Station down in Atlanta, pretty cool place - coffee house by day - wine bar/lounge at night. Part of the Raving Brands (moes, shanes rib shack, smoothie king, etc) if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Lowes has "green points" - so if an employee did this, they would be earning points redeemable for merchendise, savings, etc -- probably why they have this policy.
  11. I don't understand this logic .. because you can afford an expensive condo doesn't mean you enjoy throwing money away.
  12. I believe someone dumped a body there, but they don't think the murder happened in the cemetary. The victim apparently had spent some time in jail / had a record of sorts.
  13. As much as 277 is an unnecessary highway, I think we have 277 to thank for uptown going vertical the way it has/will. It's our manmade river making uptown an island. I assume without 277, we would have had more sprawl and less density in uptown.
  14. Still going pretty slow .. two pieces of heavy machinery on the site and a dump truck... much less than on other sites this size.
  15. Now that may be a stretch But it's a good point with so many high rises going up in a small section...
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