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  1. I guest you'll be happy once you read this article. It seems dead right now but the New Britain mayor is piss off right now.... Stewart's war chest grows By: RICK GUINNESS, Herald staff 10/11/2007 NEW BRITAIN - The city and state are in a tug of war over property earmarked for a planned New Britain-Hartford busway considered a major part of the city's redevelopment plans. The Common Council voted 10-4 on Wednesday night against selling 327 Main St., the old Greenfield's grocery property, to the state or risk having it taken over by eminent domain.... Read more here>>> http://www.newbritainherald.com/site/news....95283&rfi=6
  2. Land Sales Are On Agenda One Site Would Be Sold To State By MONICA POLANCO {sodEmoji.|} Courant Staff Writer October 10, 2007 NEW BRITAIN - Tonight, the common council will discuss a proposal to sell a vacant Main Street parcel to the state for at least $454,500. The state wants to use the 327 Main St. property for the proposed New Britain-Hartford busway, a two-way rapid bus line that would start in downtown New Britain, run through Newington and West Hartford and end near Hartford' s Union Station. The property was once the site of Greenfield's grocery store and most recently has been used by a traveling carnival. More readings on th other half; click here> http://www.courant.com/news/local/nb/hc-ne...0,7598965.story I am concern to what I read but the article also spoke about other then about New Britain-Hartford busway but putting other property on sale to the state such as on Arch and Oak street because that my concern but I'm afraid that they might nock some historic American brick Italianate building down, but I truly hope it is not the case and hope that they reopen it to remodel it and not let to much historic buildings to be fading away even with these empty areas in New Britain that need to be filled in too!
  3. Is this most of that land on front street? Anybody got the map of the front street and with that pic, dose those buildings took the hold land of front street or is that just part of that land???
  4. HEY WAIT! Did they said that is was post to be in the spring time?!?
  5. Did Hartford use to be a best place to shop in CT, if so, then so be it because that is great stuff!!
  6. That would be really great for Hartford I think front street should have store that is not commend in Connecticut even in NY, MASS, RI and NJ. I think it would be great because front street would have good Christmas Shopping place then NYC that they don't have because some of family and friend would go to NYC to buy because is harder to find in CT so that would be great for CT and the City of Hartford to have a store that is not commend in the northeast
  7. LOL, maybe a store that they have in LA that we don't have on the East coast. I have a Idea, what about big Boy is a fast food place that we use to have here in CT and they have allot of that in the West
  8. I think is better then the other one from 2 years ago but yea is better then nothing, but it dose look more like a mall though lol
  9. Ok, I'm not really feeling this thing there Are those condo or apartment or store because I hope that just for stores not condos or apartment building because I
  10. ok,can you find a pic that has a example of that photo that you saw so I could get the pic to what you mean that it look kind of like nyc?
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA Anyways those parking lots need to go for what I see in the pic. I think the those parking lots should be saved for future highrise offices buildings. I don't know but if this would be a good idea or not can Hartford build the worlds tallest parking garages if such so y'all may disagree with me, but I think thats a cool idea
  12. Because there acting dumb and acting very weak and they need to think big not small don't give me wrong, I'm not trying to judge the people or anything its true if you see the big picture of how this is taking place.
  13. Maybe something happen for a reason, you just never know is like the the enemy trying to mess up CT and we can won the BATTLE but we can fall but can get right BACK UP!
  14. I don't get this???? How come there more things AND BISS going on in berlin turnpike IN THE SUB and not in HARTFORD and now there should of been more store in Hartford then the sub and why is this and is it that is a sub pridefull act to this case I mean why??????? :rolleyes:
  15. What happen if someone was trying to stop them from doing it???
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