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  1. I wonder what effect this would have on the bookstore at the Cox building.
  2. Tower owns the old Y. http://www.towerinv.com/index.php/states#Arkansas
  3. South of Asher there's no residential to speak off in reasonable walking or biking distance of UALR. If you're getting in your car to get to the campus, why live south of Asher as opposed to anywhere else? That area needs more roads and sidewalks connecting to UALR. Broadmoor is fine though. The block's not busted yet, and all the houses are well-kept.
  4. I'm somewhat glad that they decided to go to Chenal. The last thing downtown needs is another major bank office, and both areas could stand to benefit from some commercial diversity. But as much as I'd like to see a Fry's open up on Main, I'm not holding my breath.
  5. How long has that shop been there? I hadn't noticed it before. Kinda fits with the area though, at least in principle.
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